With the approaching royal wedding.. Who is Saudi Arabia’s Rajwa, the fiancee of the Jordanian crown prince?

With the approaching royal wedding.. Who is Saudi Arabia’s Rajwa, the fiancee of the Jordanian crown prince?
With the approaching royal wedding.. Who is Saudi Arabia’s Rajwa, the fiancee of the Jordanian crown prince?

Jordanian Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah and the young Saudi woman, Rajwa bint Khalid bin Musaed Al Saif (AFP)

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Published in: May 18, 2023: 03:57 PM GST
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“And we intend to be happy.” With this phrase, the songs of Jordanian and Arab singers were launched, in preparation for the royal wedding of Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II and Miss Al Seif, which is awaited by millions of followers all over the world, and during the past hours, hashtags launched It expresses the interaction of the audience, including # We rejoice in Al-Hussein.

With her confident steps and natural beauty, far from affectation, the Saudi Miss, Ragwa Al Saif, captured the hearts of millions with her beauty and spontaneity, after she appeared through various media as a distinguished model for Saudi women, with her distinctive dress that expressed on all occasions her pride in her Saudi culture, and her integration with Jordanian society in Many occasions to be admired by millions worldwide.

Who is Ragwa Al Saif?

On August 17, 2022, the Royal Hashemite Court announced on “Twitter” the engagement of Rajah from Al-Hussein, Crown Prince of Jordan, the eldest son of King Abdullah II, and the engagement ceremony was held at the house of the father of the Al-Saif family in Riyadh, and the ceremony was attended by the King of Jordan, Prince Hassan bin Talal, Prince Hashem bin Abdullah II, Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein, Prince Hashem bin Al-Hussein, Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad, Prince Rashid bin Al-Hassan, and members of the Al-Saif family.

Ragwa bint Khalid bin Musaed bin Saif bin Abdulaziz Al Saif was born in Riyadh on April 28, 1994. She is the younger sister of Faisal, Nayef and Dana. She received her Saudi secondary education and higher education at the Faculty of Architecture at Syracuse University in New York, USA. .

Queen Rania accompanied by Rajwa Al Seif, the fiancée of her son, Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II

future official roles

After the marriage, Princess Rajwa will receive the title of wife of the Crown Prince of Jordan, similar to His Royal Highness, and once she is officially married to the Crown Prince, Rajwa Al Seif will attend all the activities of the Royal House, as did her future mother-in-law, Queen Rania of Jordan, as Crown Prince, and Rajwa will be able to Representing the Crown Prince at events, including those held abroad, such as weddings of members of royal families, as the current Queen has done, she will also attend activities related to social and charitable projects.

Preparations for the wedding of the Crown Prince of Jordan

During the past hours, the Jordanian Royal Court unveiled some plans for the expected day, details of the place, the date of the marriage contract, and the plans that will follow to celebrate the wedding of the Crown Prince. The Jordanian Royal Court said, in a statement, that the wedding ceremony of Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II on Ms. Al Seif, scheduled for June 1, 2023, will be at Zahran Palace in the capital, Amman.

Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II and his fiancée, Rajwa Al-Saif

The Jordanian Royal Court stated that among the details of the happy day, the royal procession went after the marriage ceremony to the Husseiniya Palace, which is the place designated for holding a reception and dinner on the occasion of the wedding, provided that they are closed to the media.

Zahran Palace is one of the oldest palaces built in the capital, Amman. Thirty years ago, it witnessed the wedding ceremonies of King Abdullah II and Queen Rania on June 10, 1993. The wedding ceremony of King Hussein and Princess Mona, and King Hussein and Queen Noor also took place there. A number of members of the royal family, guests of princes, kings, and high-ranking personalities from the Arabs and the world are scheduled to attend the wedding of the Crown Prince, and it is expected that a number of Arab and foreign media will cover events related to the joyous marriage contract.

Within the framework of the Jordanian Royal Court’s preparations for the wedding ceremonies, official institutions are arranging popular celebrations for the people of the governorates in conjunction with the royal wedding ceremonies, the events of which will be transmitted directly via satellite channels and public screens at the celebration sites in the governorates.

Technical posts

The countdown has begun for the huge event that was announced in Jordan, which is the royal wedding of His Highness Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II and Miss Rajwa Al Seif, on June 1, 2023, and the celebrations began with special songs from a number of singing stars in Jordan, Such as Hussein, Najm Al-Salman and Issa Al-Saqqar, and there will be upcoming works by Omar Al-Abd Al-Lat, Zain Awad, Diana Karazon, Tony Kattan, to participate with their voices in the joy of this day, which will be an official holiday in Jordan.

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