Exclusively. Wydad’s top scorer, Sambo, explains to “Lucette Info Sport” his situation before the Sun Downs match

Main Exclusively. Top scorer Wydad Sambo explains to “Lucette Info Sport” his situation before the Sun Downs match


The top scorer of Wydad and the Professional League, Junior Sambo, came out with clarifications regarding his health condition before the Sun Downs meeting.

Sambo confirmed, in a telephone conversation with “Lucette Info Sport,” that his condition had improved compared to the past few days.

And the top scorer of Wydad and the Professional League added, explaining: “The situation is improving. Praise be to God, things are going as I wish.”

Regarding his chances of participating in the Sun Downs match, he explained the best player in Wydad this season, saying: “I will play, God willing, if God wants that.”

It turned out that the player’s morale was very high to represent Wydad and lead him to the final of the African Champions League, which he won last year.

Sambo was seriously injured, in the first leg of the semi-final against Sun Downs, after a violent intervention by defender Abdel Moneim Botawil.

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