#Education announces the result of #external_transfer for male and female teachers for the year 1444 AH #urgent #external_transport_movement

The Ministry of Education announced the result of the external transfer procedures for male and female teachers for the academic year 1444 AH, whose organizational rules were based on the principle of equal opportunities in transferring educational job holders, preserving the rights of male and female applicants, and achieving professional and job stability for male and female applicants for external transfer.

The percentage of those included in external transfer exceeded more than 45% of applicants for transfer between regions and governorates, and their number reached more than 30,000 educational job holders, and the first desire to request transfer was fulfilled for more than 72% of applicants.

The external transfer procedures, the results of which were announced well before the end of the school year, relied on filling the educational needs of the education departments of male and female teachers, and giving them sufficient time to apply for external transfer.

The external transfer procedures provide the possibility of viewing the comparison result in the “Noor” system, and to object to the result electronically from the same system for a period of 5 working days, starting from next Sunday, to facilitate the applicants, and in a way that enhances transparency, clarity and justice in the procedures followed in the external transfer.

The regulatory rules for transfer procedures also confirmed that the option to withdraw from transfer in the current year is not given after the result is announced, to ensure that the progress of the educational process is not affected.