On the occasion of International Nurses Day, a call to stimulate breastfeeding..

In January 1974, May 12 was chosen to celebrate Nursing Day; Since it coincides with the anniversary of the birth of “Florence Nightingale”, who is considered the pioneer and founder of modern nursing, the International Council of Nurses prepares for this day every year, and distributes the International Nurses Day toolkit, which includes educational and general information; For nurses and moms everywhere to use. Today’s report takes the opportunity to celebrate this global occasion to link the nursing staff in each hospital, and their role in preparing the mother for childbirth, then preparing her for breastfeeding and motivating her to continue. The meeting with Manal Al-Shami, head of the nursing department in one of the major hospitals, for explanation and interpretation.

International Nurses Day

May 12th International Nurses Day
  • International Nursing Day is one of the most important global days celebrated by the most expensive professions in the world, and the world has witnessed over the past three years how nurses organized a defensive front against the Corona epidemic, and hundreds lost their lives to preserve our lives.
  • Nursing is an art, science, and humanity. It is providing society with specific services that are therapeutic in nature, help the individual to remain healthy, and prevent complications resulting from diseases and injuries. It has two aspects, technical and another, psychological and social.

Problems and difficulties facing breastfeeding..and their treatment

Objectives of International Nurses Day

International Nursing Day.. keeps pace with developments in mother and child care
  1. Providing comprehensive health care for the mother and child in their various places of residence.
  2. Providing advice and health awareness to mothers and children during the provision of nursing care.
  3. Using methods of care that lead to the preservation and advancement of the health of the mother and child.
  4. Keeping abreast of developments in the field of mother and child care.
  5. Benefit from the results of scientific research in the field of mother and child care.

The importance of breastfeeding in the first six weeks of a child’s life

Breastfeeding is a gift from God

The first feeding is very important for both the mother and the baby
  • Manal Al-Shami, Head of the Nursing Department, continues her speech, saying:
  • The nursing staff in every hospital is the reason for the success of the first breast-feeding immediately after birth. There is a relationship between the mother and the child with a magical bond that God Almighty puts between them, and that relationship begins with pregnancy, then breastfeeding.
  • As the first feeding is important; It helps to calm the mother and help her to do her part, and to feel the continuation of her ability to achieve.
  • Although there is difficulty with the first breastfeeding immediately after birth for mothers who undergo cesarean section, and who give birth without pain, as it takes about 8 hours despite its great benefit to the infant.

Benefits of breastfeeding

  • Breastfeeding helps the uterus return to its normal size quickly after childbirth, and the colic that follows childbirth and lasts for three days is painful, but it becomes possible if the mother is keen on breastfeeding.
  • Rather, it ends and goes away in a faster period than when she did not breastfeed her newborn. Breastfeeding also helps the uterus to return to its normal position, while getting rid of the waste of childbirth properly and quickly.
  • Breastfeeding works to lose weight naturally after childbirth, and thus the body returns to its previous state, and it also rids the mother of sagging abdomen.
  • It also regulates its weight. Because it consumes calories and provides it in the form of breast milk, which protects against breast cancer, as studies have shown.
  • The most beautiful thing about breastfeeding is that it modifies the mood and improves the psychological situation. It also protects the mother from symptoms of postpartum depression, and strengthens the relationship between her and her child throughout life.

Maternal support is a condition for successful breastfeeding

Congratulations to the nursing staff..the first to support breastfeeding
  • The nursing staff is the first to provide this support, which is based on supporting the mother’s sense of achievement that she has done, which is pregnancy for nine months first.
  • provided that it comes immediately after birth; The fact that she ended the situation safely, and that her baby is healthy and in excellent condition in her hands.
  • As for her desire to breastfeed her baby naturally, it is a reward from God Almighty after 9 months of exhausting pregnancy.
  • This achieves the desired calmness for her, and prompts her to successfully breastfeed.

Tips to properly breastfeed

A correct session must be set up for breastfeeding
  1. A correct breastfeeding session must be set up; That the child be on the mother’s breast, as the breastfeeding session is more important than the breastfeeding process itself, as breastfeeding at this stage is limited to some drops that the child gets.
  2. Breastfeeding allows contact and cuddling between the mother and the child, and the mother’s view of the child’s face, whether the eyes are closed or open, is what achieves the sweet memory associated with the first breastfeed, which is more important than the amount of breast-feeding, or the success of the breast-feeding process or not.

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