Very Small Domestic Insects – Egypt Brief

Very Small Domestic Insects – Egypt Brief
Very Small Domestic Insects – Egypt Brief

Very small household insects

Very small household insects that we present to you today through our website, as small household insects are among the most annoying things in everyone’s life, as they cause many health damages as well as mental damage. Small household insects appear suddenly for several reasons, and we will present them in this article, and there are many different methods that allow anyone to get rid of these insects safely, easily, and permanently.

Very small household insects

Flies are a type of flying insect, and flies take many forms of different sizes, and flies are among the common types of insects in homes, and flies cause many health damages, as flies live in areas full of dirt and debris. And their entry into the house is the transfer of those dirt, diseases and other bacteria inside the house by means of flies standing on the food that people eat, so all the pollutants present on the feet of the flies are transferred to the food. .

Cockroaches are not classified as very small insects, as cockroaches are relatively large in size, which makes them a source of fear and disgust, especially for girls and young children, as cockroaches always seek an environment of moisture and unpleasant odors to live in. Such as bathrooms, indoor furniture and under kitchens.

Cockroaches are among the fastest growing insects, which makes their presence in every home a major problem. There is a type of flying cockroach, which is larger than regular cockroaches.

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Mosquitoes are a type of small flying insects that spread widely in homes, especially in the winter, when mosquitoes abound in a humid environment, and the presence of mosquitoes increases in areas where animals are raised. Mosquitoes are considered harmful insects because they cause malaria and jaundice. Fever.

Ants are small insects in large numbers that live in colonies. There are different types of ants that differ in shape, color and size. There are species of ants with wings that can fly. There are other types that do not have wings and they live in homes, where ants always gather on the leftovers of food, especially foods that contain sugar, and ants cause many problems when they crawl into the house in large quantities.

The moth is known as a bed bug, and it is a small and delicate insect that generally feeds on human blood and is very active at night, as it searches for food at this time, and the person can feel the bite. From the bed bug, it is an annoying insect that disturbs sleep and makes a person feel uncomfortable and causes itching and pain in the skin. Clothes, furniture and blankets are a very suitable environment for this insect, as it lives and spreads in a very fast way.

Fleas are small insects that cause great discomfort, they sting a person and make him feel uncomfortable, and these insects are transmitted from some pets such as cats and dogs, as they live inside the scalp of these animals, and they are harmful insects that they transmit. An epidemic of diseases for humans and animals, and a person cannot easily get rid of them because it is very small and fast, and a person can never transmit it.

The reasons for the presence of household insects inside the house

  • The lack of interest in cleaning the house is one of the things that most attract various flying insects to the house, as the house must be cleaned first so that dust and dirt do not accumulate, which leads to the spread of insects over it, as as we mentioned before, insects spread in an environment full of dirt and filth.
  • The lack of daily cleaning of bathrooms is one of the things that most attract insects, as the unpleasant odors of bathrooms are a suitable environment for the growth and reproduction of small insects.
  • Not cleaning the floors of food that falls on them is one of the important reasons for the entry of insects into the house.
  • Not disposing of garbage and leaving it for long periods leads to the emergence and reproduction of insects.
  • Not covering foods and leaving them exposed to the air attracts insects from everywhere.

Different and simple ways to get rid of very small household insects

  • Pay attention to cleanliness

Every corner of the house must be cleaned well and continuously, all furniture must be cleaned of dirt and food residues that fall on it, mattresses and sofas should be changed frequently, floors should be cleaned with soap and water, as well as floor disinfectants, walls should be cleaned of dust, bathrooms should be cleaned every day, floors should be disinfected, Disinfectants and scented materials are sprayed all the time to maintain the smell, the bathroom is clean, and all parts of the kitchen are cleaned, especially the interior. Parts that are a suitable environment for hiding various insects.

  • Ventilate the house well

The house and all rooms must be ventilated daily to allow the sun to enter, which plays an important role in killing bacteria and eliminating insects. The bathrooms should be well ventilated to get rid of unpleasant odors, and the kitchen should be ventilated as well.

  • Garbage disposal

It is necessary to get rid of the rubbish every day because the rubbish multiplies the bacteria and germs that attract insects and makes the place of the rubbish a suitable environment for the growth of insects.

  • Cover the food

Food that is left exposed and uncovered is what attracts various insects such as mosquitoes and ants, so food should not be left uncovered and all foods should be well covered and kept in a safe and clean place.

  • Cultivation of some aromatic plants

Cultivation of some herbs and aromatic plants is a reason for expelling insects from the house, such as cloves, mint, basil, and hot peppers, and they can be placed on windows and in rooms.

  • Use vinegar and lemon

You can use lemon juice or vinegar to expel insects from the house by putting it in a bottle and spraying the area full of insects with it, which kills insects and prevents their reproduction.

  • Use chemicals to kill insects

There are many liquid and powder chemicals that kill insects and get rid of them once these materials are placed in a specific place. These materials are sprayed in bathrooms, under furniture and behind kitchens to prevent the presence of any insects. The method is guaranteed and very cheap, but its only drawback is that these materials are dangerous, especially for young children, so it is recommended not to use them often and not to use them unless absolutely necessary.

Damage caused by the presence of small domestic insects and their reproduction inside homes

  • The presence of insects inside the house is one of the things that makes people feel disgusted and causes a bad psychological state, as it makes children feel disturbed, afraid and frightened, especially if these insects are exposed to the child directly because the child cannot get rid of them. Of them, he is very afraid and screams loudly.
  • The presence of insects on the food that is eaten at home is one of the main causes of poisoning of family members, as the insect’s foot contains harmful bacteria and suspended dirt, and as soon as it lands on the food, this contamination is transmitted to food and drink. contaminates it.
  • The presence of certain types of insects causes many human diseases, such as fever and typhus.

    Thus, we have provided you with very small household insects, and to find out more information, you can leave a comment below the article and we will respond to you immediately.