Demonstrations in Morocco to denounce the aggression on the Gaza Strip (witness) …

Demonstrations in Morocco to denounce the aggression on the Gaza Strip (witness) …
Demonstrations in Morocco to denounce the aggression on the Gaza Strip (witness) …

On Friday evening, Moroccan activists organized a protest in the capital, Rabat, to denounce the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, as they expressed their solidarity with the Palestinians.

Activists from the “Moroccan Initiative for Support and Nusra” of the Tawhid and Reform Movement, the preaching wing of the moderate Moroccan Islamist Justice and Development Party, chanted slogans against “crimes of Zionist terrorism”, raised Palestinian flags, and called for an end to normalization with the Israeli occupation.

Reuters quoted the head of the Unification and Reform Movement, Aws Rammal, as saying; It is “at these moments when we make this stand, there are Zionist warplanes vandalizing and destroying the homes of the women, children and elderly who are in them, and if this is not a war crime, I do not know what a war crime is!”

He added, “Unfortunately, we are forced to leave under this so-called normalization, which we consider a pandemic that struck this country more dangerous than the Corona pandemic.”

And he continued: “We went out to call for the retraction of all normalization treaties. We have not seen, and we will not see, any good from it, because all the countries that preceded us and normalized with the Zionist enemy only saw calamities and woes from it.”

It also called on the “Moroccan Front for Supporting Palestine and Anti-Normalization,” which is composed of several human rights associations and civil society activists, to demonstrate after Sunday in the center of the capital, Rabat, on “the 75th anniversary of the Nakba, which chronicles the historical crime against Palestine and its people.”

A statement by the Front added: “The Zionist entity, the entity of terrorism and apartheid (apartheid), refuses to repeat its crimes, as if it is reminding us that the Nakba has not and will not end.”

On the official level, the official MAP news agency quoted a source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans residing abroad as strongly condemning “the recent Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, which resulted in many casualties among innocent civilians.”

The same source added, “The Kingdom of Morocco, whose King Mohammed VI chairs the Al-Quds Committee, renews its rejection of all violations and unilateral actions, which would inflame the situation and negatively affect efforts to achieve calm.”