Floods block De Vries Road in Italy

Floods block De Vries Road in Italy
Floods block De Vries Road in Italy

Dutch drivers Nick de Vries and Japanese Yoko Tsunoda, the Alpha Tauri team duo, suffered from rain and flooding in northern Italy, which caused the cancellation of the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix in the Formula 1 world championship.

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De Vries wrote through his account on the “Instagram” network for the exchange of photos today, Thursday, that he was on his way to Faenza on Tuesday evening to participate in an event that took place the next day at the factory of his Alpha Tauri team, but he was unable to reach his hotel.

The Dutch driver was forced to stay in a small village that contains one hotel, but he was too busy before a McLaren technician gave him his room.

“The next morning, the hotel lobby turned into an emergency shelter for people who had been forced to flee their homes during the night,” he noted.

“Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to help me. It was really gratifying to see so many people looking out for each other, and my sympathy goes out to those who are still affected by this tragedy,” he said.

Tsunoda also wrote on “Instagram”, saying: “After a terrible night, the town was deeply affected, dust, mud and the smell of gasoline everywhere.”

“Currently, people are struggling to find food, especially places to stay, after many people have been evacuated from their homes,” he added.