Free Egyptians participate in the “Dialogue” sessions with a detailed study on the theme of national identity

Free Egyptians participate in the “Dialogue” sessions with a detailed study on the theme of national identity
Free Egyptians participate in the “Dialogue” sessions with a detailed study on the theme of national identity

The Free Egyptians Party, headed by Dr. Essam Khalil, participated in the national dialogue sessions for the societal axis today, Thursday, to discuss the axis of national identity.

A representative of the Free Egyptians, Major General Ehab Al-Shahat, head of the Center for Strategic Studies and a member of the Supreme Committee, attended, presenting a vision for the party and a briefing on the extensive studies in this regard.

The text of his speech came

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Guests, We are honored that we are together at a thank-you invitation from His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi for the national dialogue, to be room for presenting visions and dialogue to reach the Egypt we dream of.

And in light of the interest of the Free Egyptians Party, headed by Dr. Essam Khalil, in the Egyptian identity and personality, and after studying for years, we have a vision that aims to develop the Egyptian personality in a way that suits the new republic.

From the current monitoring…
Strange phenomena entered our society that changed the characteristics of the Egyptian personality, which is the main obstacle to Egypt’s entry into the new republic.
Since the process of developing the Egyptian personality is one of the complex and overlapping processes, it requires the following mechanism:
First: The creation of the National Authority for the Development of the Egyptian Personality. It will be formed by His Excellency the President of the Republic and it will consist of no less than 14 members (experts) in fields, including:
Psychology and sociology
Media and social media
culture and drama
Legislation and laws.
The wings of the nation of Al-Azhar and the Church.
The role of this agency is as follows:
Monitor negative phenomena in society
Analyze the causes of these phenomena
Establish processing methods
Highlighting the strengths of the Egyptian character and setting up ways and means to strengthen these points to develop the character in a way that suits the new republic
Develop a timetable for development stages with measurement criteria for each stage of development.

Second: Some ways through which the Egyptian personality can be developed
The means used to develop the Egyptian personality vary according to age, educational and social level, and geographical distribution.
Mandatory education at all stages.
For schools, we suggest the following:
Re-linking between teaching and education so that we restore the educational and ethical dimension to the educational process, while qualifying teachers for this national mission
Using social media to deliver the required messages
The use of sports: reviving sports activity in schools in various games as well as sports competitions with the use of stadiums located within the geographical boundaries of educational areas for the benefit of schools that do not have stadiums.
Paying attention to cultural and artistic activities and providing the capabilities that allow students to develop their skills and creativity
For older youth (18-35 years), the most effective means is social media:

After monitoring all the negatives and finding out the means of attracting young people, these means are used to deliver specific messages to young people that will redevelop the Egyptian personality in a way that addresses the observed negatives.
As for the elderly, for example, the most effective means with them is drama. Artworks are produced that address societal negatives first and work on developing the Egyptian personality in line with what is hoped for.
Third: Studying a number of personal experiences of civil action symbols in Egypt and abroad, whether on the scientific, practical, social and political levels, with arranging meetings and dialogues with a number of these symbols or with those who wrote about them.
Fourth: Encouraging the return of public work and creating a community competition for the top 10 in charge of public work at the level of each governorate every year, provided that there are criteria for evaluation in its priorities, the strategic plan of the state to work towards achieving common goals.
Fifth: Intensifying the efforts of religious institutions to consolidate human behavior in the first place and to establish measurement mechanisms
Sixth: Returning military education to schools and raising the spirit of loyalty and belonging
In conclusion, we raise these proposals as part of a detailed, integrated and comprehensive study that the Free Egyptians Party has devoted itself to in its various committees and strenuous efforts to come up with solutions to everything related to the Egyptian identity..Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.