Italy’s floods… 10,000 people evacuated, and immediate orders to evacuate 3 northern villages – World News

Italy is witnessing the worst floods in the country in decades, killing at least 8 people, prompting local authorities to evacuate more than 10,000 people from their homes, and causing landslides and landslides, according to Italian government officials. today is Thursday.

Italy floods and a final stop for the rains

And while large areas of northern Italy witnessed a decline in precipitation rates yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, amid expectations that there will be no much rain today, Thursday, for the first time a day that passes without heavy rain, while official sources confirmed that the recent wave of floods killed 8 people in separate incidents. in the north of the country.

Italy floods and unable to withstand

In turn, the governor of Emilia-Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini, said in statements to LA-7 channel that the country witnessed within 36 hours, earlier this week, rain equivalent to what fell in the country over the course of 6 months. So the floods in Italy were “deadly”, and a record amount of rain was recorded in the country for a period of two weeks, which could not be monitored.

The army intervenes to solve the flood crisis in Italy

The Italian Armed Forces joined the efforts to confront Italy’s deadly floods, along with the Coast Guard, where helicopters were deployed to rescue the people from their homes via several boats, at a time when the “Ravenna” region authorities issued several orders, today, Thursday, for the immediate evacuation of 3 threatened villages. Floods, which swept large areas in northern and eastern Italy.

Italy floods and a record level of rain

The level of rain in the country reached 50 centimeters, in 36 hours, which made Italy’s floods difficult for villages to bear, and made the country move through its army and coast guard, in order to try to control the situation and help the residents of the affected areas.