Juri Maher, a rising star in singing, is one of the best talents in Al Sharqia. Pictures

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Thursday, May 18, 2023 05:26 PM

Juri Maher is a rising talent in the world of religious chanting. She dazzled everyone who listened to her, and Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Tohamy called her the star. She was chosen among the best young talents in the Directorates of Education and Youth and was honored by many public leaders..

“The Seventh Day” met the little star, a 9-year-old girl, who confirmed that her talent appeared on her at the age of 5 years, when she was frequenting tawsheeh with her mother at home, and attached to singing and listening to senior singers despite my young age, so my family supported my talent, saying: My mother is the secret of my success, as she dedicates all her time to developing my talent, making sure that I participate in all occasions to show it.

And she says: I applied to the school of religious chanting by Sheikh Mahmoud Tohamy, who was impressed by my performance and my voice. He told me, “You are the one who was eaten by the atmosphere.” During the study period, I worked a lot on it, including the vocal shrines, and that each shrine of my voice is nominated, adding: On the day of the graduation ceremony of the first stage, the moment of my honor came. In the first place, the sheikh carried me to agriculture as a form of appreciation and to receive a shield, which is one of the happiest moments of my life, indicating that I complete the procession in the academic stages by singing.

I was honored by many officials, including Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Governor of Sharkia, the Egyptian Channel 2 and TV Canada, in the month of Ramadan, many officials and charitable institutions, and I also participated in the Iftars of Hospital 57 children and people of determination in the tenth, among others, and I was also chosen among the rising talents of the Directorate of Education. Education and the Directorate of Youth and Sports, this is a qualification to participate in competitions in addition to national and religious events during the coming period.

And she went on to say that Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Tohamy and vocalist Maher Zain are her role models, and her ambition is to continue on the path of religious chanting and participate in international competitions..

And the mother of the talented girl completes that, as a child of her daughter’s age, she loved singing and participated in school activities and parties, but she cared about completing her studies and got married after that, but the love of religious chanting remained within her, that she was repeating incantations at home and behind her daughter, at first she noticed that her voice was distinctive and the speed of memorizing it Al-Tawashih and chanted in her own way, so she decided to stand behind her to achieve her dream.

She added that in every post by Jouri, she confirms her talent, which makes me make more effort and I will remain behind her talent to achieve all her ambitions, expressing her appreciation and gratitude to Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Tohamy, for publishing a video on the pages of Jouri singing, which made many media outlets and community institutions pay attention to her talent..

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