Homeland Sport | Urgent | The president of the Aswan Club reveals the latest developments in activating the purchase clause for the new Zamalek deal

06:23 PM | Thursday, May 18, 2023

Ahmed Belhaj

Counselor Al Shafei Saleh, President of Aswan Club, revealed the position of Ahmed Belhadj, the player of the team loaned to Zamalek Club, to return to the ranks of the team during the coming period, especially since the player’s contract expires with the White Knight at the end of the current season, and he has the right to activate the purchase clause in his contract, provided that the agreed value is paid. It is between the two clubs.

Zamalek’s position on activating the purchase clause in Ahmed Belhadj’s contract

Al-Shafei Saleh confirmed, in statements to Al-Watan Sport, that the Zamalek club did not inform him of any special decision not to activate the purchase clause in the contract of Ahmed Belhaj, the team player, stressing that what is being reported about informing us of the decision of Zamalek club to refuse to activate the player’s purchase is completely incorrect at the present time.


Ahmed Belhaj, player of Zamalek Club

He added that the Zamalek club has the right to activate the purchase clause in Ahmed Belhadj’s contract within 15 days after the end of the season, and after that a move will be made to market the player if the club does not activate the purchase of the agreed value, or he remains with the club during the coming period officially.

And the Zamalek club had obtained the services of Ahmed Belhaj during the last winter transfer period on loan until the end of the season for 5 million pounds, with the Zamalek club having the right to obtain the services of the Aswan player permanently, with a payment of 10 million pounds.

Zamalek club will meet today against Aswan club in the match that brings together the two teams, within the competitions of the twenty-eighth round of the Egyptian Premier League competition, whose events are scheduled to take place on the grounds of the Cairo International Stadium this evening, Thursday.

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