The Public Prosecution summons the owner of the plot of land that caused the fire in Dar Al-Salam Court in Sohag

The Public Prosecution of the Dar Al-Salam Center in Sohag ordered the summons of the owner of the plot of land that caught fire in the piles of accumulated garbage and spread to the Dar Al-Salam Partial Court in Sohag Governorate.

The security services in Sohag received a report from the Dar al-Salam police station stating that a fire had broken out in a piece of land with piles of rubbish, and it extended to the Dar al-Salam Partial Court, and the fire caught fire, and a state of panic and terror occurred among the employees and citizens of the court.


Immediately, 3 fire engines moved from the Civil Protection in Dar Al-Salam and the village of Al-Kosheh, and the fire was controlled and extinguished. The owner of the plot of land with garbage accumulated is being seized with the knowledge of the police, and the necessary investigations are being made to find out the causes of the fire.


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