Live video broadcast of Al-Ahly’s last training session before facing Esperance in the African Champions League

Live video broadcast of Al-Ahly’s last training session before facing Esperance in the African Champions League
Live video broadcast of Al-Ahly’s last training session before facing Esperance in the African Champions League

Today, Thursday, the first football team of Al-Ahly club will play its final training session, at Mokhtar Al-Tach Stadium, in preparation for facing Tunisian Esperance, tomorrow evening, Friday, in the second leg of the African Champions League semi-finals.

And the official page of Al-Ahly club, on the official account on the social networking site “Facebook”, published a live video broadcast of the last team’s training in preparation for the match against Esperance.

The Al-Ahly match will start against its Tunisian counterpart, Esperance, at ten o’clock tomorrow, Friday, Cairo time, and eight o’clock in Tunis time, in the confrontation that will be held in the second leg of the African Champions League semi-finals.

And the Al-Ahly and Tunisian Esperance match, last Friday, ended with the victory of the Red Genie, with three goals without a response, in the confrontation that was held at Rades Stadium, in the first leg of the African Champions League semi-finals.

The referee of the Al-Ahly and Tunisian Esperance match in the second leg of the African Champions League

The Al-Ahly match against Tunisia’s Esperance, the Mauritanian Bida Dahani, will officiate the referee of the arena, and his compatriot Hamdin Diba, the Angolan Gerson Emiliano dos Santos, and the Ghanaian Daniel Laria will referee the mouse, and the Moroccan Samir Jazzaz will assist him.

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Kohler: Since I started, I don’t care about the opponent’s name, and our focus is on facing Esperance

Marcel Koller said in the press conference: The Esperance match is difficult, and we are continuing with our full focus in order to settle qualification, despite winning the first leg by three without a response.

He continued: Some people think that we may think about resting the main players, but we do not think in this way, and we did not tell the players that the match is important, and this is what I said to the players.

And he continued: facing Sun Downs? We do not think of any competitor, and our goal is currently to face Esperance, then we will follow after that who will qualify from Wydad and Sun Downs

He added: Facing Sun Downs in the final? I don’t care about the competitor’s name.. Since I started training, I don’t worry about it, and I don’t think about the competitor’s name, and we focus on Esperance now.

Marcel Koller added: “There is no issue in my dictionary of underestimating a competitor..Tunisian Esperance is a great team that created chances in the first leg, and caution against it is greatly required in the match tomorrow.”

And he continued: “We are facing a big team, and all Al-Ahly players are at the highest rates of concentration, and there is confirmation of closing the first leg and not thinking about its outcome.”

And he indicated in his response regarding the absence of Muhammad Al-Shennawi: “Al-Ahly has a list of great players, and Al-Shennawi is a great goalkeeper and captain of the team, but any player who wears Al-Ahly shirt is able to compensate for any absence, and all the team has distinguished elements and is able to represent Al-Ahly.”

And he continued: “The Esperance match is important, and we fight it with the idea that it is the second half that is played in Cairo, and we must play with the utmost seriousness, and not be deceived by the first-leg result, and it is happening in Europe and the whole world that such results are transformed in the return match.”

Koller refused to comment on any change in the formation in order to rest some players, stressing that Al-Ahly does not deal with the match as a foregone conclusion, but rather it is a second round in Cairo in order to qualify.

He indicated that he was happy with the condition of the players since their return from Tunisia. Because the players are very focused and calm, and there is no arrogance or arrogance; Because of the result of the first leg, especially since we all know the value of Esperance well and we should not be proud of the result.

In response to a question about Percy Tao’s current level, Koller said: “Percy Tao is a distinguished player, and he suffered an injury before he entered a correct program, and we got him back at the right time in his best condition, and everyone helps him to show his best abilities, all of which are done by the coaching staff and the players.” Also around him at their best.”

And Koller continued: “With regard to missing opportunities, this happens in any team, and there is no team that scores all opportunities, and my role is to talk to the players continuously to correct some decisions that the players make in seconds of the events of the match.”

In response to a question about Al-Ahly’s performance in the first leg, Koller said: “Winning outside our stadium by three indicates that we played a good match against a great competitor. My team made a good show, dominated large parts of the match and was able to create a lot of opportunities and the players missed some of them, and this is what I seek to avoid happening tomorrow.

And about any potential competitor in the African final match, he said: “We have not finished the semi-final match yet, and I have been working in football for a long time, and I learned not to wish to choose the opponent, and I apply this in my vision of the final, and I think about tomorrow’s match only, and if I can climb, I will watch Saturday match; To analyze the competitors and not to choose one to face in the final.