A Brazilian young man predicted the accident of Megan Markle and her husband 6 months before it happened

He predicted the Russian war and Corona.

A young Brazilian who declared himself ‘the living Nostradamus’ has claimed he warned of Meghan Markle’s ‘near-disastrous’ stalking two days ago six months ago when he claimed the Duchess would need to ‘protect’ herself.

The warning comes after the 36-year-old seer made a series of frightening predictions that also involved the late Princess Diana.

And Athos Salome, who is of Brazilian origin, claims to have already made many earth-shattering predictions, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine by the Covid-19 virus and the death of the Queen.

His latest predictions come after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex found themselves in the spotlight again after a trip to New York, US.

The royal couple were hounded by a ‘very aggressive paparazzi’ mob for more than two hours.

This relentless chase, which lasted more than two hours, resulted in several near-collisions involving other road drivers, pedestrians, and two NYPD officers.

According to Athos, a metaphorical “bombshell” will appear in Harry’s life while it has been claimed that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex could become history if she doesn’t take the wise and necessary steps to protect herself.

Earlier, Nostradamus had blatantly warned the modern era that a dominant AI would bring coldness to the world and wipe out humanity.


Athos Salome, a Brazilian clairvoyant, predicts that artificial intelligence will end up making people all over the world unstable, causing repeated ups and downs for humanity.

And the predictions of “Living Nostradamus” were previously fulfilled when he correctly predicted the arrival of the Corona virus “Covid-19” and the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Athos-Salome’s previous correct predictions earned him the nickname Nostradamus, after the French philosopher who predicted events long into the future during his lifetime.

Athos Salome, nicknamed “Modern Nostradamus,” predicted the death of Queen Elizabeth II in the current year 2022 AD, as well as attempts by billionaire Elon Musk to buy the Twitter application, in addition to threatening human jobs after Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the prototype of the human-like robot Optimus.