Maldives President: COP28 will make progress in implementing the Paris climate agreement

Dubai – Mubasher: Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, President of the Republic of Maldives, expressed his confidence that the next edition of the COP28 Conference of the Parties will lead to progress in implementing the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

This came during Solh’s reception, Maryam bint Muhammad Al Muhairi, UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment, during an official visit she made at the head of a delegation from the ministry that includes Mohammed Al Hammadi, Assistant Undersecretary for the Biodiversity and Aquatic Life Sector, and a group of officials, according to the Emirates News Agency, WAM. today is Thursday.

During the meeting, the President of the Maldives discussed with Al Muhairi ways to enhance cooperation between his country and the UAE in the field of climate action and the promotion of joint food security, in addition to discussing cooperation to ensure the success of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28), which the UAE is hosting this year.

For her part, Al Muhairi stressed the importance of the distinguished initiatives taken by the Maldives to combat climate change.

The official visit of Maryam Al Muhairi to the Maldives witnessed the expansion of cooperation between the two countries in the field of enhancing food security, through the signing of a memorandum of understanding, as food security plays a pivotal role in the strategic directions of the two countries, as it is one of the most important pillars for achieving stability and economic and social development in the future.

The memorandum of understanding was signed by Maryam Al Muhairi, representing the UAE, and Hassan Rashid Hassan, Minister of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture for the Republic of the Maldives.

The memorandum of understanding aims to enhance cooperation between the two countries in the fields of fisheries, marine resources and agriculture, and to develop and advance them to enhance food security in order to achieve several common goals in this field.

Commenting on the MoU, Maryam Al Muhairi said: “The UAE is keen to expand its partnerships with various friendly countries and relevant international parties in order to enhance national and global food security, as food security is one of the most important strategic directions for the UAE in order to build a sustainable future. We are pleased to cooperate. With our friends in the Republic of the Maldives in order to find solutions to various common food security challenges, we believe in the importance of cooperation and look forward to more cooperation with the Republic of the Maldives during the coming period.”

The cooperation between the two countries seeks to exchange experiences in the field of studying and developing food and agricultural production management systems to enhance food security, develop and stimulate innovation in the same field, exchange experiences in the field of production and marketing of plant, animal and fish food products, and develop food safety regulations and legislation, as well as exchange experiences in the field of animal farming. hydro.

Under the memorandum of understanding, the two parties agreed to establish a technical committee in order to implement the memorandum of understanding, provided that the committee meets periodically and reciprocally between the UAE and the Maldives, and submit periodic joint reports on related activities, provided that the committee informs the two parties of the progress made in terms of cooperation in the field of security. Food in accordance with the terms of the memorandum of understanding, in addition to providing recommendations.

Maryam Al Muhairi’s visit to the Maldives also witnessed a bilateral meeting with Aminat Shona, Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology in the Maldives, where the two parties exchanged ways to enhance cooperation in the field of food security, climate change and environmental preservation between the two countries.