Including the death of Amina Rizk.. Acting scenes turned into reality

Many moments are turned by acting into reality, so the actor does not pay attention to the director’s voice as he shouts to cut the scene, but rather continues until the scene turns into a real reality and is not part of a written scenario. In this report, which was collected from the archives of Al-Kawkab magazine, we review the most important of these situations.


In the movie Raya and Sakina, Anwar and Jedi had to engage in a heated battle with Farid Shawqi. Anwar had to attack Farid, so Farid pushed him with his feet. Anwar fell to the ground and Farid attacked him and hit him with his fist. But Anwar forgot himself and merged into the battle and started hitting Farid Shawky. Severely beaten, and Farid was forced to defend himself, so he exchanged punches and slaps, and Salah Abu Saif, the director of the film, almost flew with joy, as the battle is natural and has no effect on acting.

Filming ended and the director issued his order, and Farid continued exchanging punches and watches, and only then did everyone realize that the battle had become real, with no representation, so some workers came forward and separated them.

Laila Murad’s tears

Actress Laila Murad was filming in the movie “Laila, the daughter of the poor”, and she had to cry when her lover accused her of deceit, and the camera turned around and recorded a wonderful scene.

The director and author of the film, Anwar Wagdy, shouted “Stop” to finish filming the scene, but Laila kept crying, crying hot and violent, and it was impossible for her colleagues to calm her nerves, so they took her to her house while she was crying, and Laila did not stop crying until after two full hours.

Mariam Fakhr El Din

And in the movie “A Letter of Love” directed by Henry Barakat, starring Maryam Fakhr El-Din and Farid Shawqi, Maryam Fakhr El-Din is asked to cry over her bad luck.

Mary cried, and the scene ended, but she kept crying, and colleagues and colleagues came to Mary to congratulate her on the success of the scene, but she kept crying until the director pushed her quietly with his hand, a strong push that brought her back to reality.

Amina Rizk

And in the movie “Storm on the Countryside”, Youssef Wehbe had to shoot Amina Rizk Ali, and Youssef grabbed his pistol and pointed it at Amina Rizk, and the gun was loaded .. Youssef merged into acting, forgot himself, and put his finger on the trigger, and the director realized that it was a real disaster About to fall, he ran towards Youssef and pushed him hard, and Youssef’s binoculars fell over his eyes and he could not hit the target, and thus Amina Rizk escaped certain death