The US and New Zealand dollars top the list of the highest profitable currencies today

The US and New Zealand dollars top the list of the highest profitable currencies today
The US and New Zealand dollars top the list of the highest profitable currencies today


The US dollar achieved a strong rise during trading today, Thursday, and was the most profitable in the list of major currencies by up to 1.57%, benefiting from US President Joe Biden’s positive statements about the debt ceiling crisis, as he confirmed that he was confident that the leaders had the ability to reach an agreement on the budget, And that he will continue the discussions until he reaches an agreement on the debt ceiling issue, and he mentioned that a conference will be held next Sunday on the issue, because there is no other alternative, and this strengthened sentiment regarding the possibility of Congress reaching a solution to the crisis, which contributed to the rise in the gains of the US dollar today.

At the same time, the US dollar received remarkable support during the currency market trading today, due to the rise in US bond yields, as the US bond yields for 10 years increased by 1.62% and reached 3.640 points, in addition to the rise in yields of US bonds for 20 years by 0.99% and reaching to 4.0216 points, and this boosted the profits of the US dollar against its counterparts from other currencies.

In second place, the New Zealand dollar achieved a remarkable profit against the major currencies by up to 0.83%, supported by the positive expectations of the New Zealand Minister of Finance about the country’s economic situation while presenting the budget today, as he stated that he no longer expects the country to enter a state of recession, and that the gross domestic product will reach For the fiscal years 2023 and 2024, it is approximately 1.0%, and this reflected positively on the performance of the New Zealand dollar and enhanced its profits against the rest of the major currencies.

Well, he came Japanese yen in It ranked third in the list of winning currencies today, recording gains of about 0.62%, as the Japanese currency benefited from the positive statements of the Japanese Minister of Economy about economic growth in the country, after Japan recorded a growth in gross domestic product by 0.4% during the first quarter compared to the previous quarter, Which came in higher than expected, which boosted the gains of the Japanese yen.

In this context, Japanese economic officials stated that it is likely that the country’s economy will continue to recover moderately during the coming period, due to the improvement in morale, the increase in wages, and the strong appetite of companies to invest, adding that the Japanese government aims to expand moves supporting the economy in order to prevent entering into the virtuous cycle of wages and prices, This supported the movements of the Japanese yen in the currency market.

And in the last place in the list of the most profitable currencies today, the Canadian dollar comes by only 0.55% against other currencies, supported by the rise in crude oil prices during morning trading today, and given that Canada is one of the largest exporters of crude oil in the world, the rise in oil prices had a positive impact on the movements of the dollar. Canadian currency markets.