Outside the borders.. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry condemns the storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque in the framework of the so-called March of the Flags (video)

Muhammad Jamal wrote

Thursday, May 18, 2023 10:22 PM

In a new round of news from outside the borders, our colleague Muhammad Jamal reported coverage of the most important international and Arab news, we start with you from Palestine, and Egypt condemned, in a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the storming of a number of Israeli officials and groups of settlers into the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque, within the framework of what It’s called the march of flags.

Egypt affirmed what this represents of an irresponsible escalation that fuels feelings and increases the existing tension and tension in the occupied territories, calling for the need to respect the existing legal and historical situation in occupied Jerusalem.

Also, the UAE Foreign Ministry called on the Israeli authorities to stop the escalation and not take steps to exacerbate tension and instability in the region, and affirmed the UAE’s rejection of all practices that violate international legitimacy resolutions and that threaten further escalation.

In the United States of America, the American state of Montana decided to ban the TikTok application, starting next year, to be the first state to ban the application, after the state governor signed legislation prohibiting stores from installing the application within the state by next year..

Under the new law, a fine of up to $10,000 will be imposed on any entity that facilitates access to the application or downloading it from the online store, provided that these penalties will not be applied to users.

The British Guardian newspaper described the move as among the most dramatic in a series of US escalation steps against TikTok, and in response, the TikTok administration said in a statement that the decision violates the rights granted to Montana residents, and the statement confirmed the company’s intention to defend the rights of its users inside and outside Montana..

And for those who do not know, the US federal government and more than half of the US states have banned the application on government agencies, and the Biden administration has threatened to ban the application at the national level unless the company sells its shares..

And from Italy, the authorities of the Italian region of Ravenna issued immediate evacuation orders for three villages threatened with floods, due to heavy rains that claimed the lives of 9 people in the east of the country.

The Italian authorities evacuated more than ten thousand people from their homes after reports of hundreds of landslides.

This comes after nearly 24 streams and rivers overflowed in the southeastern parts of the country, following heavy rains that completely flooded neighborhoods and agricultural lands..

The Italian Armed Forces and the Coast Guard joined the emergency efforts, as the Italian army deployed helicopters to rescue the people from their homes, in addition to rubber boats, in order to reach the houses besieged by water from all directions..

The heavy rains in Italy came in the wake of a drought that affected large areas in the north of the country last winter, in addition to a record scarcity of rain last summer, which caused severe damage to agricultural crops..

In Nigeria, the death toll from clashes between herdsmen and farmers in Plateau state, in the center of the country, has risen to 85, and the government emergency management agency stated that thousands of people have taken to the roads to search for safe places to take refuge because of the attacks..

And the Nigerian police announced the arrest of five people in connection with the violence, and the police spokesman confirmed the return of calm to the Mango local government area, amid a heavy security presence.

As for the European Union, the Council of the Union has passed a law banning imports of some raw materials and derived products such as palm oil, beef, soybeans, coffee, rubber, wood or chocolate, as these materials greatly cause deforestation..

The Federation Council stated that companies that import these materials and derived products to the European Union must prove the source of these materials while ensuring that they did not cause deforestation in their original places..