In Raymah.. Suicide ends the lives of young men who cannot find a living (report)

In Raymah.. Suicide ends the lives of young men who cannot find a living (report)

Abdullah Saleh Muhammad Murad, a young man in his thirties, was living in the isolation of Bani al-Abdi in the Salafiya district in Raymah governorate, northern Yemen, and he was suffering from hardship, poverty, unemployment and neglect, under the control of the Houthi militia over the region.

Abdullah was unable to provide a living for his wife and children, so he was afflicted with a psychological condition and drove them out of the house. On the last day of last Ramadan, he committed suicide by hanging himself inside his house, and no one discovered his body until hours later.

This is one of the cases that reveals the increase in the phenomenon of suicide among the people of Rayma Governorate, which is witnessing difficult economic and humanitarian conditions. Because of the practices of the coup militia, which seizes its resources and revenues, and refuses to provide the most basic services and requirements to the population.

During the last month of Ramadan only, Rayma governorate recorded three cases of suicide by hanging, in addition to other cases that attempted suicide and were rescued at the last moments.

According to local sources, these cases reflect the magnitude of the tragedy experienced by citizens in Rayma and other governorates that are under the authority of the terrorist militia, which imposes repressive and unfair policies on the population, and plunges them into endless wars.

The sources emphasized that suicide cases require urgent intervention by specialized institutions and donors to provide relief to citizens and save them from the brink of destruction, and to launch awareness campaigns and psychological counseling to prevent this scourge that is sweeping Yemeni society.

The sources held the terrorist Houthi militia fully responsible for the deterioration of the humanitarian and living conditions in the province of Rayma, in addition to its looting of aid provided to the people of the province and its prevention of merchants and philanthropists from cooperating with poor and needy families in a way that shows the militia’s unbridled desire to impose collective punishment on the people of the province.

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