Football Cleansing Campaign | China overthrows the president of the federation, the coach of the national team, and a professional player.. What is the story?!

Since Xi Jinping took over the country in China, he began a wide campaign to cleanse the country of corruption, including in all fields, even football. The president of the Chinese National Football Association, Chen Shuyuan, was arrested on corruption charges.

Chinese police also arrested the former coach of the Chinese men’s national football team, as well as several senior football executives, including the chairman and party secretary of the Chinese Football Association. According to Radio France.

As part of the state’s efforts to eradicate the great corruption that spread in the world of the round witch, the Chinese authorities arrested a Korean player who plays in the Chinese Football League, Sun Jun Hao, on charges of accepting bribes by non-governmental employees.

Not only that, but the Chinese authorities decided to investigate the players for their involvement in the “match-fixing case”, in addition to the team’s coach, to whom Sun Junhao belongs.

Who is Son Jun Hao?

Son Jun Hao was born in 1992. He started his career with Pohang Steelers Football Club in 2014. Then he participated in the Asian Games in Incheon in 2014 and helped the team win the gold medal. He moved to Jeonbuk Hyundai Motor Club in 2018 and then to Shandong FC in 2021.

Son was chosen as the best player in the league in 2020, and he also represented South Korea in the Qatar World Cup last year.

China: We are dealing with the issue of arresting the Korean national team player by law

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the public security services in Liaoning Province have arrested a Korean citizen living in China on suspicion of accepting bribes from non-governmental employees.

Wang Wenbin stressed at a press conference that China is a country ruled by law, and relevant issues are handled in accordance with law to protect the legitimate rights and interests of relevant parties. According to the official website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman pointed out that the Public Security Service of Liaoning Province submitted a notice to the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Shenyang.

“The Chinese side will provide the necessary facilities for the ROK consular officials to perform their consular duties,” Wang said.

In the past few days, some media have claimed that China violated human rights standards and laws in dealing with the Korean player Son. This was denied by the Korean side.

Korean Consulate in China: We will provide all means of support for Son

The South Korean Consulate General in Shenyang said on Wednesday that it had conducted a consular interview with Son Jun Hao, the recently arrested South Korean soccer player.

According to the Consulate General, Sun said during his meeting with the Korean consul that China has not violated human rights standards in dealing with him. According to the official website of the Korean Consulate.

The Consulate General also stated that it will provide all necessary consular assistance to protect the human rights of its citizen who has been arrested.

The Consulate General stated that it will have lawyers to assist in handling relevant investigative matters.

South Korea: The Chinese side has not violated human rights

South Korea’s Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that the Korean consul in China met with Sun Jun Hao, where Sun told the consul that no human rights were violated by the Chinese authorities during the previous investigation process.

“Our consulate has asked the Chinese authorities to conduct a prompt and impartial investigation and provide the necessary consular assistance,” said a South Korean foreign ministry spokesperson. According to the Korean news agency Yonhap.

Regarding the media’s claim that Son could be sentenced to a maximum of 5 years in prison, the foreign ministry spokesperson said, the foreign ministry will cooperate with local embassies and consulates to continue providing support, such as helping lawyers and taking necessary investigative measures.

A source from the South Korean Foreign Ministry also added, “Diplomatic relations between South Korea and China and the detention of citizens are two completely different matters, and regarding reports of 5-year imprisonment, it cannot be judged.”