How to save your money in the «az gold» fund to invest in gold

How to save your money in the «az gold» fund to invest in gold
How to save your money in the «az gold» fund to invest in gold

Thursday, May 18, 2023 | 04:32 p.m

Gold prices today

“Evolve Holding” and “Azimut Egypt” revealed the launch of their first fund to invest in gold in the local market.

The online platform of Al-Aqaria newspaper explains the steps to subscribe to the first fund to invest in psychological minerals, with financial values ​​starting from 10 pounds, and what to do if you want to recover your money, whether in cash or in kind.

Fund definition

Az – gold is a fund dedicated to investing in gold, and it is considered the first of its kind in the local market. It is launched through a partnership between “Evolve Holding” and “Azimut Egypt”, and it is compatible with the principles of Islamic law.

The fund allows institutions and individuals to invest in the gold product without buying real gold itself, and allows the investment process at prices starting from 10 pounds per document.

Steps to purchase the document

It is expected that the subscription to the gold fund will begin within a few days of the current month, after which the customer can open an account with companies that received the subscription, which amount to about 8 entities, including “Azimut” itself, Al-Ahly Pharos, “Mubasher for Securities Exchange” and “Thunder”, “Naim” and others.

After that, the amount of money to be invested is transferred, and then the form for buying gold is signed through the fund, and thus the money is transferred into a certificate.

How to buy and sell inside the fund

It is scheduled that the sale funds for the documents will be settled two days after the completion of the process, but the settlement of the money for the purchase of the gold document will take place on the same day.