The guardianship law is strange and incomprehensible..and I choose topics that do not aim to stir up controversy

Thursday 18/May/2023 – 11:59 PM

Actress Mona Zaki spoke about the reasons for her enthusiasm for presenting the series Under Guardianship, which was shown during the past Ramadan season, and the work won wide praise from the audience.

Mona Zaki said, during a telephone interview with a television program: When the writers Sherine and Khaled Diab presented her with the idea of ​​working in addition to the director, Mohamed Shaker Khudair, she was afraid because the issue was real and affected many women and their children.

Mona Zaki added: The series also dealt with the idea of ​​viewing women as unqualified to take care of their children even though they are closest to them, with the biggest tragedy being that children miss their fathers and feel their mothers’ weakness before the law, pending: There are many women whose conditions are not the best need and they raise children like the best. They are honorable and we are proud of them. A mother is a great thing that we must look at, not someone who is unable, regardless of their circumstances, let alone the general view that she is unable and salvation.

And Mona Zaki continued: I did not expect the great success of the series Under Guardianship, and prompted many to move to change the guardianship law, pointing out that she always follows her feelings and does not aim to cause confusion in society or stir up controversy.

Mona Zaki concluded that the current law of guardianship is incomprehensible and strange, and it oppresses the widowed woman and the breadwinner of the suspended children: What is your fault?

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