Who are the sectors and projects that will pay for the new “additional credits”?

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Muhammad Sheker, head of the Aziz Bilal Center for Studies and Research, confirmed that the government took the necessary legal formalities through the draft decree to open additional appropriations worth 10 billion dirhams for the benefit of a group of chapters included in the general budget, given that the relevant “approvals” remained within the framework of what was programmed. In the current Finance Law, unlike what is the case when bringing unprogrammed funds, explaining that the government will then be required to pass through Parliament in order to obtain approval.

Shaker added, in a telephone conversation with “Iqtisadcom”, that the question that arises urgently concerns the sectors and projects that will pay for the new “additional appropriations”? Given that the matter is related to financial transfers from one budget item to another, and appropriations within the programmed budget, stressing However, the areas of expenditure mentioned in the new draft decree, which concern facing the repercussions of inflation, providing water projects and supporting the Electricity and Water Office, are considered urgent and priority during the current period.

The head of the Center for Studies and Research, Aziz Bilal, indicated that there is a kind of “improvisation” in programming the new additional funds, referring in this regard to the amount of 1.2 billion dirhams, or 120 billion centimes, which will be allocated to download the strategic road map for the tourism sector 2023-2026, explaining that programming This amount confirms that when announcing this new strategy, its financial appropriations were not allocated in advance, even for the first year as a start, noting that 3 years of implementation count.

The appropriations that seek to cover urgent additional expenditures, related to facing the problem of water scarcity and the repercussions of inflation on the purchasing power of citizens, were distributed between 4 billion dirhams for the benefit of the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water as a commitment to the state for the year 2023, within the framework of activating the protocol of an agreement paving the way for the framework agreement 2023-2027, to be signed this year.

Appropriations also allocated an amount of 1.5 billion dirhams to cover the additional expenses required for the implementation of the National Program for the Supply of Drinking Water and Irrigation Water 2020-2027, and 3.3 billion dirhams to cover some expenses related to facing the repercussions of inflation on the purchasing power of citizens.