432 gas cylinders seized on the black market in Beheira (photos)

432 gas cylinders seized on the black market in Beheira (photos)
432 gas cylinders seized on the black market in Beheira (photos)

The Directorate of Supply and Internal Trade in Al-Buhaira Governorate, headed by Eng. Magdy Al-Khader, carried out a supply campaign in the district of Kafr El-Dawar Center under the supervision of Mr. Mohamed Abdel-Al – Undersecretary of the Directorate and Mr. Moftah Abdel-Latif – General Manager of Internal Trade.

The campaign resulted in the seizure of 432 domestic gas cylinders, which one of the warehouse owners illegally collected to resell them on the black market and make illegal profits, and legal measures were taken against the violators.

Control campaigns in Buhaira Governorate, veto

In a related framework, the Directorate in the governorate launched ration campaigns in the past few days in the centers (Damanhour – Shubrakhit – Kom Hamada – Kafr El Dawar).

And it resulted in seizing 370 ration cards used in imaginary multiplication to achieve illegal profit, in the Damanhour center, in addition to seizing a bakery that disposed of 3 bags of municipal flour, subsidized in the Kom Hamada center, and 3 records of underweight bread production were issued, and two records of selling at more than the official price and 3 records of presentation. Exposed meat, which exposes it to contamination, in addition to issuing 9 minutes not to announce prices for different commercial activities.

In a similar campaign in Shabrakhit, 5 tons of agricultural fertilizers of unknown origin were seized, and 480 banned insecticide tablets were seized in a pesticide store, 14 packages of expired agricultural pesticides, in addition to 390 liters of detergents of unknown origin, and 17 reports were issued for not announcing prices in shops with different activities.

In the Kafr El-Dawar center, two bakeries were seized for disposing of 19 shekels of subsidized municipal flour to achieve illegal profit, and a municipal bakery produced underweight bread, and 5 municipal bakeries stopped production without prior permission or a compelling excuse, and a misdemeanor report was issued against a refrigerator and freezer for not submitting a statement and legal action was taken against the violators.

This comes within the framework of the governorate’s efforts to intensify ration campaigns on markets, bakeries, and shops, and work to control prices and ensure the quality of offered goods and their conformity with specifications, while taking the necessary legal measures against violators to preserve the health of citizens, ensure that support reaches those who deserve it, and adhere to the ration decisions specified in the framework of directives. The Prime Minister constantly follows up the market movement to ensure the availability of various commodities and products, in appropriate quantities and prices.

And he emphasized dealing with the utmost decisiveness with any attempt to thirst the markets, or to hide, store or monopolize commodities, as he stressed the offering of commodities that are seized from exploiting merchants to citizens at fair prices.

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