Premiere of the opera “Don Giovanni” at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina..Photos

Premiere of the opera “Don Giovanni” at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina..Photos
Premiere of the opera “Don Giovanni” at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina..Photos

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina witnessed the first performances of “Don Giovanni”, which is not only an opera performance, but also an educational and developmental project for young operatic students from Alexandria to create a new generation that carries the message of fine arts, in addition to the distinguished participation of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Choir.

For his part, the musician Rageh Daoud, head of the Arts Center at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, said that the opera Don Giovanni will be presented in 3 performances at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina theater on May 18, 19, 20, 2023, with the support of the Goethe Institute, and he thanked Maestro Nayer Nagy, leader of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Orchestra, On his choice of participating students, and on the artistic and cultural value of the show.

The great musician Rageh Daoud added that the art of opera does not have a large audience in Egypt, but in the case of combining some factors such as lighting, décor and dancing, this leads to dazzling the audience and enjoying the show. He added that the real beauty of opera is in acting, theater, moving groups and directing.

German Manuel Schmidt, director of the opera “Don Giovanni”, said that he is in Egypt for the second time, after presenting the opera Carmine, stressing his great happiness at being given this opportunity. Between Egypt, Austria and the Czech Republic, and he is eager to integrate all these cultures.

He also added that this work is a challenge due to the lack of opera workshops and equipment in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, so we have to learn how to integrate and develop all these things, in order to reach a complete and integrated opera for the public.

The musician, Nayer Nagy, thanked the Bibliotheca Alexandrina for its quick approval of the project to integrate the Bibliotheca Alexandrina choir youth and the Don Giovanni opera team, because it is concerned with building the human being and youth, as it is an integrated cultural project.

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina Choir Youth Show will be presented tomorrow, Friday, at 7:00 pm.