Details of the carrier pigeon festival in Lower Egypt.. 140 contestants participate in it – the governorates

The Egyptian Federation of Homing Pigeons organized the Homing Pigeon Race Festival in the governorates of Gharbia, Menoufia, Alexandria, Sharkia and Beheira, under the supervision of Dr.

Ahmed Khalifa, head of the Egyptian Federation of Homing Pigeons, told Al-Watan that the homing pigeon festival, which started in the city of Kafr El-Zayat today, is a gathering area for homing pigeons from a number of governorates. The launch area is in Salloum, Marsa Matrouh Governorate.

Veterinary examination of the participating pigeons

Dr. Haitham Sharban, Director of the Poultry Department of the Veterinary Department in Kafr El-Zayat, told Al-Watan that the pigeons participating in the race were examined and prepared, and the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in Gharbia prepared to examine the pigeons participating in the race, through specialized veterinary committees.

He explained that all preventive measures were taken, and a medical examination was signed on the pigeons participating in the competition, and that they were free of any veterinary diseases, in the framework of preserving the domestic wealth in the governorate and at the level of the entire country. Kafr El Zayat youth more than once.


Governorates participating in the carrier pigeon race

Mohamed Harfoush, responsible for organizing pigeon competitions in Lower Egypt, told Al-Watan that the carrier pigeon festival in Gharbia includes 5 governorates in Lower Egypt, primarily Western, Menoufia, Alexandria, Eastern and Beheira, and that all the contestants came with carrier pigeons from those governorates, and after examination The veterinarian and the recording work, the pigeons are transported inside plastic cages to the starting station in the city of Salloum in Marsa Matrouh Governorate, and they are released with a total of 4 thousand pigeons, heading to their place of residence in the governorate, and the distance that the pigeons travel was determined by GBS.


Adel Salah El-Din, one of the members participating in the competition, told Al-Watan that he decided to participate in the Homing Pigeon Festival in Lower Egypt, after stopping for about two years due to the Corona pandemic.


Honoring the winners of the competition

He pointed out that the winners in these races received cups, medals and certificates of appreciation, and that the pigeons used in the competitions have origins and lineages, and they can fly for these long distances and are very expensive, and that the time that they travel from the starting station from the city of Salloum to the arrival station in his governorate is estimated at 6 hours. .