Paving roads and opening production lines at a cement factory in central Sinai..Details

The Al-Hasana Center in the Central Sinai region is witnessing the continuation of work on new service projects provided by the state to the people. The accountant, Saad Khalil Baghdadi, head of the Al-Hasana Center and City in central Sinai, said that road paving works are underway in the October 6 gathering of the village of Al-Munbateh, pointing out that road paving projects have the greatest impact In improving the quality of daily life for citizens, especially in villages, facilitating traffic, and facilitating the movement of citizens during their movements within their governorates.

He added that a new production line was inaugurated at the El-Abyad Cement Factory in central Sinai, pointing out that the central Sinai region is among the most promising areas for development after the inauguration of a number of major projects in various fields on its territory, especially the giant industrial complex for the production of cement, marble, granite and other development projects that contributed to a quantum leap. In the level of services and open new horizons towards comprehensive development in the region.

And he said that cleaning and beautification work continues within the city in the main streets, inner neighborhoods and affiliated villages, pointing to the implementation of an enlarged campaign to raise the efficiency of cleanliness and beautification in public roads within the city of Hasna, and the cleaning and beautification apparatus in the center and effective community participation with the participation of city council workers, and the campaign included the main entrance to the city of Hasna and an extension The public road to complete the beautification works, paint the curbstones and lighting poles in a uniform color to show the aesthetic shape of the road, in addition to the work of paving the streets.

The youth of Al-Raysan village affiliated with the Al-Hasana Center in North Sinai took a voluntary initiative to beautify their village in cooperation with the city council and under the supervision and follow-up of the village’s symbols.

Al-Hasana City Council announced that it is part of the ambitious plan to give an aesthetic and civilized look to the squares, main streets, and village entrances in the district of Al-Hasana Center and City, to achieve a tangible change for the better in the hygiene and beauty sector by activating the role of youth and society in all its categories, and investing their enthusiasm and creativity in community service, in cooperation and coordination. With the executive bodies of the center, a group of young volunteers in the village of Al-Raisan, Al-Hasana Center, finished implementing a voluntary day to contribute to the cleaning and beautification of the village. The village of “Al-Jifgafa” affiliated to the Al-Hasana Center in central Sinai witnessed the cleaning of all main and secondary streets and paving them with the equipment of the Al-Hasana City Council. Lifting sand and removing it from the roads, in addition to cleaning and beautifying all government buildings in the village and the main square of the village.

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