New prices for the Suzuki Ciaz in Egypt and its companion Toyota Belta 2023

The list of Suzuki cars witnessed a new price increase during the past hours, including the Ciaz version, which belongs to the sedan family.

Suzuki Ciaz

The car is considered the Suzuki Ciaz is the most similar version of the 2023 Toyota Belta, as these two versions caused a great controversy since their launch in the Egyptian market for this reason, and in this context, the “Echo of the Country” news site presents a comparison between the two versions in addition to reviewing their latest official prices. .

Toyota Belta

Technical specifications of the car Suzuki Ciaz and Toyota Belta

Both versions are offered with a 1500 cc, 4-cylinder four-cylinder engine, paired with a 4-speed automatic transmission, while the Toyota comes with 103 horsepower and 138 Newton / meter of torque, unlike the Suzuki Ciaz, whose engine produces 104 horsepower.

Suzuki Ciaz

The external dimensions of the two cars

The external dimensions and measurements of the car appear to be very similar, as the two versions offer a total length ratio of 4490 mm, 1730 mm for width, in addition to a total height of 1475 mm, and 145 mm for ground clearance, with a wheelbase of 2650 mm.

Toyota Belta

The official price of the 2022 Suzuki Ciaz in Egypt

The first category, at a price of 634,900 thousand instead of 564,900 thousand, after an increase of 70 thousand pounds.

The second category, at a price, witnessed the same price increase as well, reaching 684,900 thousand pounds instead of 614,900 thousand pounds.

The official price of the 2023 Toyota Belta in Egypt

The first category, at a price of 540 thousand pounds.

The second category, at a price of 595 thousand pounds.