Gold prices today, Friday, the latest update for gold

Gold prices today, Friday, the latest update for gold
Gold prices today, Friday, the latest update for gold

We publish gold prices, moment by moment, according to the latest market update, which came as follows:

The price of a gram of 24 karat gold

The price per gram gold 24 karat in the local market, 2526 pounds.

Gold prices, moment by moment

21 karat gold price

Record the price of a gram gold 21 karat, after retreating and declining, 2210 pounds.

The price of a gram of 18 karat gold

Record the price of a gram gold 18 karat in the market, about 1894 pounds.

The price of a gram of 14 karat gold

The price of a gram of 14 karat gold, according to its latest update, was about 1477 pounds.

The price of the gold pound

price record gold pound In the market, about 17,680 pounds.

Gold prices reach their highest level

Gold prices, moment by moment, and created aThe price of gold The demand for gold jewelry and the yellow metal in all its forms is a state of anxiety and anticipation among consumers over the past few months, especially in light of the insane increases in its prices.

Consumers of gold items, bars, and gold pounds were exposed to many surprises in the gold price sector, as gold prices in all gold bullets, artifacts, pounds, and bars increased significantly, and prices reached levels they had not reached before.

Gold fell from the highest point

gold prices It was a candidate to reach 3000 pounds per gram 21, which is the most widespread gold in the Egyptian market, and indeed gold prices reached levels close to this price, as the price of gold reached its highest price point, which is 2800 pounds per gram (21 carat).

Hani Milad, head of the General Division of Gold at the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, said that the prices of the yellow metal decreased significantly and became close to international prices.

The reason for the decline in gold prices

Gold prices todayAnd Milad said in his statements: The entry of quantities of gold coming from abroad into the local market contributed to bridging the gap between demand and supply, which resulted in a decline and stability in prices in recent days, after the government’s decision to exempt gold imports from customs.

Advice for Egyptians abroad

The price of a gram of gold, and Milad advised Egyptians abroad to buy bullion and gold pounds, pointing out that they are free from workmanship, and can be sold in Egypt at a good price without incurring any losses.

Milad confirmed that the drop in the price of an ounce of gold on international stock exchanges to $1970 contributed to the drop in prices in the local market.

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