Improving the world ranking is the main goal of the “greens” in Georgia

Improving the world ranking is the main goal of the “greens” in Georgia
Improving the world ranking is the main goal of the “greens” in Georgia

Algerian representatives enter the World Cup stage of fencing, the specialty of Saif Al-Hussam (individual and according to teams), which is scheduled for today (Saturday) in the Georgian city of Batumi; With the aim of collecting the largest number of points and improving the world rankings, as confirmed by the Executive Director of the Algerian Fencing Federation, Samir Hamoudi.

Regarding the Algerian participation in the World Cup in Georgia, the national technician explained that his federation had identified four elements to represent the Algerian fencer at the same time, and it was related to Boudiaf Sawsan (29th in the world), Al-Zahraa Noura Kahli (32nd in the world), Abeek Bounqab (97th in the world), and Kawthar Muhammad. Belkabir (127 in the world), led by the national coach Wasila Yami.

The technician continued, saying: “The stage of the World Cup in Georgia, which will feature the participation of 179 athletes from 35 countries, allows the national team to score points and improve the world ranking, with the ambition of ensuring a qualifying ticket to the 2024 Paris Olympics from here to the end of the year.”

In a related context, the national technical director stated that the main goal of each duel is to collect the largest number of points through the eight World Cup stages included in the International Fencing Federation’s calendar, three of which were held in 2023.

The first stages of the 2023 World Cup took place in Athens (Greece), in early March. And it allowed Boudiaf to rank 60th, with the participation of 175 athletes, while Al-Zahraa Kahli won the 90th place, then the Brussels stage (mid-March), in which Al-Zahraa Kahli finished the competition in 42nd place out of a total of 183 participants, Boudiaf (78), and Kawthar Belkhair (133), Abik Bounab was eliminated in the group stage.

The Executive Director of the Algerian Fencing Federation explained, saying: “These competitions allow female fencers to collect points, in anticipation of deducting a qualifying card for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024, in addition to being an opportunity to interact with their counterparts from the world level.”

Regarding the chances of qualifying for the 2024 Paris Olympics, Hamoudi stated that ranking by teams is more important. Because it allows the rehabilitation of three mathematics.

The official hopes that the course of the Algerian duels in Georgia will be better. Our mission is to provide the best conditions for mathematics; to reach their goals, and to stay ready.”

After the World Cup for Sword of Hussam in Batumi, Georgia, Algerian women fencers are scheduled to participate in several competitions qualifying for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024, including the African Championship in Egypt scheduled from 20 to 23. next June. It is suitable for Algerian women to win titles and ensure qualification to the Olympics.

In addition to Algeria, the African continent will be represented in the Georgia stage, in Tunisia (two duels), while Italy, the United States of America and France will be the most represented by 12 athletes for each country, followed by Japan (10) and Korea (9). As for the organizing country, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan and Spain, they participate with 8 female athletes each.