An American drone was found in Luhansk

An American drone was found in Luhansk
An American drone was found in Luhansk


Saturday, May 13, 2023 05:00 AM

A source in law enforcement agencies in Lugansk announced that an American-made drone was found in the courtyard of a residential building in the city center, and it is believed that it fell due to a collision with a building.

A source told “Novosti”: “We found an American-made drone in the yard of a house near the central square of the city. The plane crashed after it fell. According to eyewitnesses, the plane fell after hitting a house shortly before the missile attack on the city. The information is being verified.” “.

Earlier, two explosions were heard in the city of Luhansk, and columns of smoke were seen rising over the city in the area of ​​a factory. Ukrainian forces fired two cruise missiles at Luhansk, most likely of the Ukrainian-made “Grom” model.

Andrei Marochko, a retired military man from the People’s Army of the Luhansk People’s Republic, confirmed that the Ukrainian forces bombed Luhansk for the first time with missiles with a range of 150 km.

“For the first time, Ukrainian forces are using missiles with a range of 150 km to bomb Lugansk,” Marochko told TASS.

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