A decline of 30% | An unprecedented drop in iron prices globally, and this is the price of a ton now in Egypt

witnessed Iron prices A significant decline today, Saturday, in the prices of building materials, after the price of iron ore fell, losing nearly 30% of its price worldwide.

The price of a ton of Ezz iron today

Today, the price of a ton of Ezz steel is sought by many of those wishing to build, which records about 41,728 pounds after falling by about 140 pounds when selling to the consumer, and its highest price may reach 45 thousand pounds in some governorates, according to what the local and international prices portal reported. to the cabinet.

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Iron ore decline

The price of iron ore fell 62% strongly at the global level, reaching the level of $104.80 only, after it exceeded $150 earlier, specifically in March 2022, due to the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, meaning that it fell by about 30%, affected by the exacerbation of concerns about the global economy and the increase in the supply of crude.

Iron ore

Price per ton of iron

The prices of a ton of iron and cement today are concerned with those who are about to start new construction or to make adjustments in apartments and shops, as prices vary from one trader to another and from one governorate to another.

The “Echo of the Country” website provides a list that includes the latest prices of building materials, which are the price of iron and cement today, as part of its daily services bulletin, in conjunction with the announcement of a number of iron and steel companies about the latest prices of a ton of iron in the market today.


Iron prices today

  1. The price of a ton of Ezz Steel, among the iron and cement prices today, was about 41,728 pounds per ton, to 45,000 pounds.
  2. The average price of a ton of investment iron was 40,954 pounds, according to the price portal, while it reached about 44,500 pounds as the highest price.

Cement prices today

Regarding cement prices today, within the iron and cement prices, they came as follows:

  • Armed cement at 1960 pounds per ton, after it exceeded 2000 pounds a few days ago.
  • Nasr cement at 1930 pounds per ton.
  • Moallem cement at 1870 pounds per ton.
  • Nile Valley cement at 1860 pounds per ton.
  • Special cement at 1920 pounds per ton.
  • Sinai cement 1875 pounds per ton.
  • Helwan cement comes at 1980 pounds per ton.
  • El Sewedy cement 1990 pounds per ton, compared to 1525 pounds at the end of last October.
  • Military Cement Beni Suef comes at 1850 pounds per ton