Shakira comments on the news of her engagement to Tom Cruise

Shakira comments on the news of her engagement to Tom Cruise
Shakira comments on the news of her engagement to Tom Cruise

I wrote – Hadeel Al-Banna

Saturday, May 13, 2023 04:00 AM

New coverage presented by Al-Youm Al-Sabea TV, about the international star Shakira’s comment on the news that spread during the past hours, about the start of a new emotional relationship that brings her together with the international star Tom Cruise.

After the two were seen together at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami, the paparazzi quickly captured the duo together at the race over the weekend.

And one of the foreign reports reported that Tom Cruise sent a bouquet of roses to the Colombian star after the end of the race, as a sign of what was to come from an emotional relationship that brought them together.

Of their relationship, the sources said: “Shakira needs a man in her life, and that could be Tom Cruise” – adding that Cruise has the advantage of a “nice-looking, talented guy,” the source joked, “and she’s no taller than him.”

But soon the international star, Shakira, denied rumors of her association with the world star, Tom Cruise, and Shakira confirmed that what was circulated in the last period is nothing but rumors, and pointed out that she had a good time with Tom Cruise when they met in Miami, but she had no plans to enter into a marriage. No romantic relationship.

A close relative of the star, Shakira, said that she told him that she had only spent a wonderful time with Tom in “Formula 1”, but that she was not interested in dating him, explaining that the singer is currently taking a break from dating after the end of her 11-year relationship with Barcelona defender Gerard Pique in June. the past.

He added that Tom Cruise was really nice and that Shakira enjoyed his company, but she is not focused on dating him or dating anyone else at the present time, because she has a lot to take care of in terms of her health, her children and her career.

It seems that Shakira not only enjoyed the exciting race, but also enjoyed a wonderful dinner with the legendary British driver Lewis Hamilton, which was an unexpected surprise for many..

Shakira and Hamilton, the 7-time Formula 1 world champion, were spotted at a famous restaurant in downtown Miami, but it should be noted that they were not alone, and more than one other person was present with them.

Shakira had separated from Pique last February, because of his betrayal of her more than once.. Pique announced his association with another girl a few weeks after his separation from Shakira…..