From his heart and soul, he is Egyptian.. Watch Mustafa Youssef Ibn Al-Sharqiya excel in composing and reciting poetry

From his heart and soul, he is Egyptian.. Watch Mustafa Youssef Ibn Al-Sharqiya excel in composing and reciting poetry
From his heart and soul, he is Egyptian.. Watch Mustafa Youssef Ibn Al-Sharqiya excel in composing and reciting poetry

Eastern – Fathia El-Deeb

Saturday, May 20, 2023 12:00 AM

Poetry is that well-balanced, melodious speech, a sweet language that only a few can master, God endowed it with this unique talent, and from within the corridors of the Faculty of Technology and Development at Zagazig University, the reputation of the Saidi student, son of Luxor Governorate, “Mustafa,” became famous for writing and reciting poetry..

Mostafa Mohamed Youssef, a student in the third year, at the Faculty of Technology and Development, Zagazig University, said in his interview with “The Seventh Day” that his story with reciting poetry began early in childhood when he recited an anthem while he was a student in the fourth grade of primary school, and his family encouraged him to continue reciting poetry after His teachers praised him for his presence and self-confidence, so he was born with a great love for practicing his favorite hobby in reciting poetry. The poem “Egypt Al-Kinana” or his poetic compositions were to express the extent of patriotism that exploded in the veins of the son of the Nile, then his various writings about the mother and our noble Messenger continued, as he touched on writing The novels and “Sunglasses” were his first literary works, which he registered with the Ministry of Culture and for which he won the third place at the University of Zagazig in one of the competitions..

“Mustafa” prefers to listen to the great poet Abd al-Rahman al-Abnudi, in the past, and considers him his ideal, and in modern times, the young poet Hisham al-Gakh. “Mustafa” participated in many competitions and won third place at the level of North Giza Educational Administration, for the academic year 2018, and third place at Zagazig University. In the novel, and the first place for the college in the College Geniuses Competition, and many certificates of appreciation at the level of the pre-university academic stages,

And among the words of his poem “Egypt of the Kinana” “Egypt of the Kinana, Egypt of the Kinana, oh Hanana, oh Hanana..Egypt is the history and journey of Egypt mentioned in the Qur’an, the prophets entered it in safety, an Egypt in which religion respects the Qur’an and the Bible, Christians are Muslims in the end Egyptians, great Egypt remains my mother, her blood is flowing In my blood, like the Nile River, Egypt, civilization, Egypt, civilization, 7000 thousand years, no one can touch it, and no one will be able to touch it, everyone bears witness to its name.

And among the words of his poem to “Our Noble Messenger” “His hands are set free from insulting the Prophet Muhammad, a fool who does not know the light Ahmed, cursed in the prison of Satan for life with Abu Lahab and Abu Jahl immortal, a devil with two horns of Satan recruited, so draw whatever you want and write a thousand volumes, so our Prophet It is sufficient for him from his glorified Lord, so our prophet is sufficient for him from his glorified Lord, so from their hatred the heart becomes frozen, so draw whatever you want and write a thousand volumes, but only the Messenger of God Muhammad, except the Messenger of God Muhammad, for the family and the soul redeemed him, and we are hostile to all those who oppose him, so how can the fools insult the Most Merciful, his Lord So how can the fools revile the Most Merciful Lord

Among the words of his poem about “Mother

Before your birth, there was a woman who was very tired for you. At a moment her death was worth your life. Years ago, when the doctor said that the mother might die in order to save the fetus, and the moment you were born, you were screaming because your heart could no longer hear the beating of her tender heart. Now you go through it, and after you were born she smiled at your misery, and her love for you increased despite your stupidity, your harshness, and your failure to hear your words. Her heart is sad, your reaction was humiliating, the mother is your biggest helper, the smell of your cigarettes while you were sleeping, she used to beat knives in her heart, every day while you were out, awake at dawn, praying for you, asking you, son, what is your money? And she tells you to keep your mind, she asks you who is concerned about you, so don’t be your friends, life builds battles, and you reacted after fear and worry about you, and you are your owner, this is my life and be free in it, I mean, stay in your condition, just work for us, just eat or see the rest of your children, then you go down He knocked on the door behind you, she was behind you, tears were falling torrents, how dare you, how do you say that, even after you come back, you will reconcile with her, you only care about your interests, not her interests, but she is the innocent, she has never been in your mind, she comes to talk to you again, same The response is cold, still ungrateful, not nostalgic, and what you treat is not a few, shriek at her at your convenience, show your hand at your convenience, and say tomorrow I will fix it and sleep normally, crying for it, but I promise the day you will wake up to reconcile it in the presence that you will not find it







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