We publish prayer times for Saturday 5/20/2023 in the governorates of the Republic

Written by Mahmoud Ragheb

Saturday, May 20, 2023 12:00 AM

For our readers wishing to know the correct prayer times in the governorates of Egypt, “The Seventh Day” presents the five prayer times today, Saturday, in a number of Egyptian governorates, including dawn prayer, sunrise, noon, afternoon, sunset and dinner prayers.

Prayer times in Cairo

Fajr prayer time 4:18 am

The time for the noon prayer is 12:51 am

Asr prayer time 28: 4

Maghrib prayer time is 7:44 pm

Isha prayer time 9:12


Fajr prayer time 4:19 am

The time for the noon prayer is 12:56

Asr prayer time 4:35

Maghrib prayer time is 7:51 pm

Isha prayer time 9:21 pm.

Prayer times in Ismailia

Fajr prayer time 4:12

The time for the noon prayer is 12:47 pm

Asr prayer time 4:25 pm

Maghrib prayer time is 7:41 pm

Isha prayer time 9:10 pm.

Prayer times in Sharm El-Sheikh

Fajr prayer time 4:14

The noon prayer time is 12:39

Asr prayer time 4:11 pm

Maghrib prayer time is 7:28 pm

Isha prayer time 8:53 pm.

Prayer times in Aswan

Fajr prayer time 4:29 am

The time for the noon prayer is 12:45 am

Asr prayer time 11:4

Maghrib prayer time is 7:30 pm

Isha prayer time 8:51

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