Behind the scenes of the fall of the most dangerous emperors of “Al-Kif” in Aswan

Behind the scenes of the fall of the most dangerous emperors of “Al-Kif” in Aswan
Behind the scenes of the fall of the most dangerous emperors of “Al-Kif” in Aswan

Officers of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Aswan Security Directorate, led by Major General Atef Abu Al-Wafa, ended the legend of the most dangerous drug and weapon lord in the village of Al-Atwani in the Edfu Center district, before flooding the governorate with large quantities of narcotics and firearms.

The secret exit of a magnifying security campaign in Al-Atwani

The campaign came out after the many complaints of the people of the village of “Al-Atwani” that elements of the outlaws engaged in illegal activity in selling and promoting narcotic substances, especially “shabu” in a place built of white bricks, which caused the village to become a haven for addicts and fugitives from the judiciary.

For their part, the “Atwani” youth reported what was happening inside the village to the police, which was met by the security men with an immediate response.

Then a “secret cell” was formed that included a group of the best and experienced detectives in Aswan, supervised by Major General Atef Abu Al-Wafa, and the necessary ambushes were prepared at all entrances and exits of the village to prevent the gang’s attempt to escape.

Then Major General Atef Abu Al-Wafa presented the full plan and the precise details with Major General Magdi Salem, Director of Aswan Security, to put the final touches and reach a positive result, after obtaining the permission of the Public Prosecution and setting the zero hour.

An enlarged security force raided, in the early hours of the morning, the criminal outpost, and when the criminals saw a fleet of police cars approaching them, they exchanged fire for up to “two hours” using heavy and prohibited weapons as an attempt to thwart the mission, but their attempts did not succeed, and they were caught Two were inside the scene, in possession of a large amount of narcotics, weapons and fire ammunition.

They were taken to the Office of the Edfu Center, and the Public Prosecution Office conducted investigations with the accused.

The youth and leaders of the village called for the intervention and interaction of the executive agencies to examine the nature of the house built on agricultural land with the violation of “transgression,” and the speedy removal of it in order to prevent its exploitation again in the field of drug trafficking and prohibited acts.