Who is the owner of the property of the head of the People’s Movement in Sudan

Who is Malik Agar, the head of the People’s Movement in Sudan? The following lines that we present to you through the portal of the two websites, Zad Net, deal with each of the following topics, who is the Sudanese real estate owner and the Wikipedia real estate owner, in addition to who is the real estate owner in addition to that, how old is the real estate owner? Which is about this character, and in order not to prolong you, we leave you with the information directly below.

Malik Aqar, Wikipedia, Head of the Popular Movement in Sudan, Malik Aqar is one of the most famous political figures in Sudan, and his name has emerged in those circles in the previous days, in addition to the fact that this personality is one of the prominent political figures in Sudan. Dear Sudanese personalities by the people, will the homeowner be able to work to dissolve the Sudanese parties and call for justice in those circles, or is there another position that this president will take?

The name of the Sudanese real estate owner is the most famous name in the last hours in Sudan, and the name of that person has emerged greatly. Who is the owner of the Sudanese real estate? He is the head of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in the north, and this person has greatly emerged in recent months in Sudan after his statements that he highlighted regarding resolving the dispute in Sudan and returning to the previous situation that prevailed in Sudan. Negotiations between these parties are reached by the owner. In your opinion, will the owner be able to solve the crisis in Sudan?

How old is the property owner? After the owner of the property took over the Sovereignty Council in Sudan in the past hours, many people would like to know some personal information that revolves around the owner of the property. The most famous person in the past hours, as the owner of the property did not reveal his real age, so how old is the owner of the property? It is estimated that the owner of the property is forty-five years of age or a little older.

At the conclusion of the paragraphs of our position, we came to know a lot of information and details related to the owner of the property and his personal information, as we summarized all the information for you in the above paragraphs, hoping that we have not overlooked you in providing the personal information that pertains to this new president.