Several obstacles stand in front of Biden to win a second presidential term

Several obstacles stand in front of Biden to win a second presidential term
Several obstacles stand in front of Biden to win a second presidential term

On April 25, 2023, US President Joe Biden announced – officially – accompanied by his vice president, Kamala Harris, that he would run in the next US presidential elections scheduled for November 2024. Biden tweeted on his Twitter account, saying: “Every generation has a moment when it must defend For democracy, for defending its fundamental freedoms, and I think this is our moment. This is why I am running for re-election as President of the United States, join us to get the job done,” along with a three-minute video produced by his campaign team, beginning with images from the Capitol events on January 6, 2021, and describing his administration as standing up for personal freedom, democracy and pluralism. Accordingly, Biden confirmed that when he ran for the presidency four years ago, he was fighting a battle for “the soul of America,” and since that battle is continuing, he is running for re-election. Biden described the Republican Party’s programs as a threat to American freedoms, criticizing what he called extremists who carry the “Maja” slogan.

semantics of candidacy

There are many indications of Biden’s candidacy for the upcoming presidential elections, and his pledge again to achieve the same political goals that he aimed to achieve in his first presidential term, the most prominent of which can be identified through the following points:

1 The possibility of repeating the 2020 scenario

In the upcoming presidential elections, the United States of America may witness the same scenario that it witnessed in the past, when the competition took place between two white candidates in their seventies, as Donald Trump is still the Republican candidate most likely to run in these elections, especially since he is about 46 points ahead of his Republican rival, Ron. DeSantis in the latest Emerson College poll, and has won the support of more members of Congress.

2 early move candidates

Trump announced his candidacy early, in order to wear the mantle of the presidential candidate to protect him from the issues facing him on the one hand, and to give his campaign more momentum on the other hand. On the other hand, some analyzes indicated that whoever occupies the position of President of the Republic does not announce his candidacy early (before 19 months) as Biden did, because American presidents run in the vast majority of cases for a second term, as they see that the two presidential terms are nothing more than their full entitlement. And it’s a shame to leave office after only one term, as happened with Trump.

3 A favorable race for President Biden

The British newspaper, The Guardian, pushed for an increase in the chances of the Democratic Party in the upcoming presidential elections, given the chaos and internal division in the Republican Party, which adopts unpopular policies that alienate voters and are hostile to society, which means that the potential presidential race between Biden and Trump will turn into a “return match on the ground.” Biden”, so that the current president enjoys an advantage over his former counterpart, with Trump’s weakness increasing after his name is associated with the anniversary of storming Congress, and with a number of sexual scandals and tax evasion on the one hand, and the absence of a Democratic candidate that beats Biden (including writer Marianne Williamson, and anti-vaccine activist Robert Kennedy Jr.) on the other hand, and Biden having the advantage of the status of the outgoing president that enables him to harness his presidential powers to attract voters and present his vision on a third hand.

4 Biden’s promotion of his presidential achievements

Biden is demanding that he be given an opportunity to “finish his mission.” He even chose to launch his election campaign on the fourth anniversary of announcing his previous campaign in 2020, and he preceded announcing his official candidacy for the 2024 US presidential elections with his State of the Union speech last February, in which he enumerated his achievements that he is likely to focus on. In the next presidential race, they include: creating 12 million new jobs, lowering unemployment rates to their lowest level in more than half a century, combating the “Covid-19” virus, winning over social segments affected by Trump’s approach, and so on.

5 Biden relied on his political experiences

Biden is counting on having the necessary skills and experience after spending more than half a century in senior positions that qualify him to win again in the 2024 elections. He is fighting for “America’s spirit” in the face of the conservatives, and he raised the slogan “Restoring America’s spirit” when he ran for the presidential elections four years ago. For years, he still defends the same slogan, even if he added to it the file of freedoms, pledging to defend rights and freedoms in light of the threats it faces.

Biden challenges

Biden’s desire to run for a second presidential term has raised several questions about the challenges facing him, especially since he will begin his potential second term – if re-elected – at the age of 82, making him the oldest president in US history, and the most prominent of these challenges can be identified. In the following points:

1 opposition to the American public

A recent NBC News poll showed that 70% of Americans, and slightly more than half of Democrats, believe that Biden should not run again, and another Gallup poll showed a decline in American citizens’ satisfaction with President Biden’s performance is at its lowest point, during his presidency, at 37%. An opinion poll conducted by the Associated Press in mid-April 2023 showed that age is a major factor among Democratic Party voters. Nevertheless, Biden rejected those concerns, saying, “I decided to run … I feel good, and I am excited.”

2 Biden has aged

Many American voters prefer a candidate younger than Biden. In this context, the Republican presidential candidate, Nikki Haley, said that Biden may die in office if he is re-elected, so voting for him means relying on his deputy, Kamala Harris.

3 mounting economic challenges

Despite the many economic sanctions imposed on the Russian economy and the family and person of President Vladimir Putin, these sanctions did not achieve their desired goals. The greatness of US aid to Ukraine, amounting to $70 billion, is no secret, in light of the protracted war, in a way that fuels the wrath of American taxpayers. On the other hand, more than 80 central banks have adopted China’s official currency (the yuan) in their foreign exchange reserves, and China is working to digitize its currency with the aim of breaking the monopoly of the US dollar in the global currency market, in conjunction with the decline in confidence of a large number of countries in the dollar as the main currency for trade and finance. Global, which may mean the possibility of the global economy gradually shifting away from it.

4 The multiplicity of suspicions surrounding Biden’s son

Observers believe that the case of the current president’s son, Hunter Biden, will have negative repercussions on his father’s candidacy, and may turn into one of the hot issues in the presidential elections, especially since NBC News reported that federal prosecutors are studying the issue of charging Hunter with three crimes. tax, in addition to accusing him of buying weapons, along with some information circulating about his involvement in the case of secret documents that were in the office of the president, and his access to them while participating in the foreign deals in which he was convicted, especially those that linked him to parties in China and Ukraine.

5 foreign policy confusion

The disastrous withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan in August 2021 and the fall of US military equipment worth billions of dollars into the hands of the “Taliban” movement, which came to rule the country, is well known.

The danger of antagonizing Russia and China at the same time cannot be underestimated.

The Ukrainian war has led to an increased risk of escalation of the conflict between Washington and Moscow to unprecedented levels, and the current US administration has failed to formulate a counter strategy to deter Russia, which has led to the depletion of the US arsenal, and the increased risk of nuclear proliferation with China’s tendency to increase its stockpile of warheads. nuclear weapons by more than three times, to reach 1,500 warheads by 2035, in addition to suspending Russia’s participation in the “New START” treaty to reduce nuclear weapons with the United States, and its tendency to enhance its nuclear capabilities with a new intercontinental ballistic system, hypersonic missiles and submarines. new nuclear.

Biden’s desire to run for a second presidential term has raised several questions about the challenges facing him, especially since he will begin his potential second term – if re-elected – at the age of 82, making him the oldest president in US history.

The current US administration has failed to formulate a counter-strategy to deter Russia, which has led to the depletion of the US weapons arsenal and the increased risk of nuclear proliferation, with China’s tendency to increase its stockpile of nuclear warheads by more than three times to reach 1,500 warheads by 2035.