The dates of the episodes of the game series, the fourth part, on Shahid

The audience wants to know the dates of the episodes of the series, the fourth part, on Shahid, to follow its exciting events from all over the Arab world, as it is one of the most prominent comedies that have won the audience’s admiration during the last period.

The game series was able to occupy the throne of the new works shown on the Shahid platform, as it attracted wide interest from the masses.​​​​​​​​


The date of the release of the episodes of the Game 4 series

The first episode of the Game 4 series was launched on Sunday, May 14, on the Shahid electronic platform, and since then, the audience has been wondering when the new episodes will be released.

The game series, the fourth part, will be shown on Sunday of each week, where the new episode will be available at exactly 12 am Cairo time.

The story of the game series, part four

The events of the game series, the fourth part, revolve around a social comic framework, so that the story revolves around Wassim Al-Suraiti, who is embodied by Chico, and Mazo, who is played by Hisham Majed, to enter into a competition in a group of games on the ground to obtain large sums of money.

Not only will the competition end there, but it will also be interspersed with many comedic situations through which the rest of the series’ characters appear.

A bright group of stars in the artistic community participate in the fourth part of the game series, where the list included the artist Hisham Majed, May Kassab, Chico, Ahmed Fathi, Bayoumi Fouad, Sami Maghawry, Mohamed Tharwat, Mirna Jamil, and a number of other stars.