Altintop: At Bayern Munich, we don’t influence the youth’s decisions, and we don’t pressure them for victories!

The administrator of the Bayern Munich academy speaks.

confirmed Hamid Altintop, former Bayern Munich star and current administrator in the club’s academy, said that the Bavarian team follows the best ways to ensure that support is provided to the youth in its academy.

This came within a conference regarding the Bayern Munich Academy, which was held by the German League and “BN Sports”, during which he talked about several matters related to the academy and youth.

Here are the most important questions and their answers from the press conference:

Bayern Munich always thinks about victories. As for the youth, are they brought up on the same principles, or are they given some space and less pressure in order to achieve victories?

We are primarily a football club, but at the same time we know that our interest in youth and children and everyone who dreams of professionalism is important, but these dreams do not always come true, and not every young player can become a professional, here we focus on dual education and do not focus on football foot only.

Football is important, but education and personality formation come before it. We are trying to prepare individuals for the future, and if there are unique talents among them who can become professional in football, then that would be excellent, so we give them the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them and we do not try to pressure them too much.

In La Masia, there is a complete coexistence model within the school for what is happening with the first team. How is it managed in the Bayern Munich Academy?

We have 50 places available here in the academy, not only for Germans but also for foreigners, all of whom are fully looked after, learn German and receive psychological support, we make them part of the community here, it’s the same as the big clubs in Europe.

What names do you expect to appear on the scene strongly from the Bayern Munich academy in the near future?

We have a well-known player, Matthijs Till, but everyone knows him now, and there are other very promising players in Paul Vanner and Arion Ibrahimovic, and there is also Tarik Buchmann, who is a great defender and will soon join the first team.

What are the methods and conditions for accepting the Sunni groups into the academy?

There are a lot of factors and conditions, but the youngest groups are the nine and 10-year-olds, and it is important that they have a basic understanding of football and the appropriate intelligence and have the basic skills, these are indispensable things, and in the stages that follow, there we require physical fitness and character, and then After that, each player is re-evaluated, and after that we decide whether he will make it to the adult teams or not.

Since you have dual citizenship as a Turkish and a German, and this situation is repeated frequently in North Africa, how do you help the players, especially since they are under a lot of pressure during that period to represent one team over the other?!

The decision is very difficult and is not taken overnight, but the family has a very big influence factor and their way of life as well. In fact, when the player is a professional, the issue is between two parts, the first is related to the best for his career and what he will get in the end, and also the emotional part, of affiliation.

This is a very personal decision and up to the players. We certainly support them, but we do not influence their decisions. One example is Jamal Musiala, the German national team player, who is English-German, and he had to decide, and we are happy with his decision, support him, and did not influence him.

How many players make it to the first team from Bayern Munich’s academy? How many of those?

We are a team that always competes for titles and has achieved the German League in the last ten years, but we always try to provide an opportunity for young talents. Statistically, it is very difficult for all talents to reach the first team, because the conditions for reaching it are very difficult, but we give them opportunities to go to other clubs either. Here in Germany or abroad.

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