Chos Mateo: “We will give our heart to win the title”

Chos Mateo: “We will give our heart to win the title”
Chos Mateo: “We will give our heart to win the title”
Boss spoke real madrid, Chose MateoAfter defeating Barcelona in the semi-finals euroleague. The coach said: “We started the game well, but Barcelona were very successful with their hat-tricks, scoring 9 of 14 in the first half. That could have been a problem, but we talked at half-time about finding more holes in the second half and about their lack of success in the game.” “Trials. We made adjustments in defense and defensive rebounds, and that was the key to reaching the end with match-winning options. Some players made brilliant defensive saves from Mirotic and Laprovittola and the veterans allowed us to dominate the game and defeat Barcelona, ​​who are a great team.”

“It’s not easy to get to,” he said The Final FourGetting to the final is even more difficult. We are very happy because the dream continues and we will see what happens against Olympiacos. I am very proud of the team. We are together, we play together and we are one team.”

“They were fresh because they didn’t play from the start. They know how to play games, how to win and they know exactly what European basketball is like. They know how to set the tempo. Sometimes it’s easy to let them play, I don’t have to guide them too much. We have great players and a united team and we’ll try to win another title.”

The beginning of the game with Ellie
“He’s been working well and hard since the start of the season. It’s difficult to play against Mirotic for 40 minutes, but we defended very well. Eli did a great job against Lady in the play-offs in game five and he did the same today against Mirotic. He defended hard in the eight minutes that He played it. He also gave Randolph great effort. Now, we have to improve resources due to absence rooster, Yabusili AndPoirier“.

Substitutions at break
“At halftime we realized we had options. Last year we were 11 points behind and we beat them. When they don’t kill the game we get back up and beat the odds. They did well on the outsides, but we were patient and calm and waited for the right moment. They hit 39 three-pointers.” And we knew it was going to end. We succeeded a lot on the rebound and the doors opened in our face. We went up by seven points and they leveled the score, but we were feet in the game. This team is capable of suffering and struggles together and I am happy with the great chemistry we have built in this difficult season. We have We kept working despite the odds and I’m glad we maintained that competitive spirit.”

“We talk a lot with him and the team, about the importance of him staying on the field. He needs to be out Poirier To spend many minutes on the pitch, because the game revolves around him. He’s an outstanding player, he has a great understanding of the game and I’m happy with his effort and work. I’m very happy that things are going well for him, and he’s such a wonderful person.”

Sergio Rodriguez

“He’s amazing. He andYui AndRudy rhythm match. It’s very difficult to stop a player of this talent… and it makes the fans happy to watch. It’s very hard to stop him and watching him struggle is so much fun. They are all great. We had a good season in the regular season, which was the toughest in history. The playoffs were not easy and we are now in the final. We have one game and we will give our spirit to win the title.”

The final stage of the season

“We went to Belgrade with 0-2, and everyone thought it was going to be difficult… But we were still five wins away from the title. We came back with two wins and it got complicated in Madrid, but we like that scenario, and now it’s even more difficult. Once we got to Here, we knew that we would have our shortcomings, but we have our resources and we will fight to play. Beating Barcelona in the semi-finals is very good and competing until the last day makes me happy because in doing so I contribute to the success of this team that works hard and loves basketball very much. I hope I can contribute to winning the title.


“I try to de-dramatize everything. Now I’m very happy. Real Madrid have a competitive spirit, they fight and they never give up. There are values ​​in basketball, in this team and in this club that set an example for many. We never give up and when everyone gives up on you.” You keep faith and work. We’re a team that works together and I’m happy to be a part of it. They deserve to win.”

“The whole competition was very exciting and we couldn’t relax at any point. We played a game every two days and that doesn’t give you time to think. I highlight the team’s struggle in the last quarter in Belgrade to get back to Madrid; the team’s calm and patient play, despite everyone’s desperation Our victory. I’m proud that we won the fifth game.”

competitor in the final
“Olympiacos is a great team with a number of experienced players. They are a tough team, play together and move the ball well. We know it’s going to be a tough game, but we’ll try to find that gap again, a window through which we can enter”.