Ismailia beaches will welcome its visitors in the summer of 2023

Ismailia beaches will welcome its visitors in the summer of 2023
Ismailia beaches will welcome its visitors in the summer of 2023

Ismailia Sabry Ghanem

Saturday, May 20, 2023 12:00 AM

Ismailia Governorate is one of the governorates of the Canal, and it is called the Bride of the Canal. It is preferred to travel to it by many residents of the neighboring governorates, such as: “Sharqia, Cairo, Dakahlia, and Qalyubia,” and some other governorates, in order to visit it and spend the best times in it, whether for a summer vacation, strolling in its gardens, or visiting famous places in it, including the Antiquities Museum. Ismailia, Abu Atwa tanks, or hiking in the Bitter Lakes and boating.

If you, dear visitor of Ismailia, wanted to go to this quiet city that turned from a one-day resort to a residence resort in order to enjoy and spend some of the summer days in Ismailia, there are many means of mass transportation, including trains, buses, and microbuses, and there are also internal transportation available to reach the province in a short time or with your own car.

There are also public transportation and taxis at the new Ismailia parking lot inside the city of Ismailia, through which you can reach the Blajat Road, where chalets, clubs and resorts are located.

The Blajat Road includes more than one club belonging to the Ismailia governorate, including Blajat Al-Taawun, Al-Milaha and Al-Fayrouz at discounted prices, and there are other clubs belonging to the Suez Canal.

Games-and amusement-club-turquoise



Youth hostel in Ismailia




A side-of-the-chalets-of-the-Fayrouz-resort

A side-of-the-cooperation-club

Corner-for families-at-Turquoise Club

Market-Ismailia-for fish

Al-Murra-lakes beach in Ismailia



Chalets-the navigation club




The beaches of Ismailia on the bitter lakes

Al-Balajat Road – in Ismailia

Hiking-boats in the bitter-lakes

Blajat-road restaurants