Who is the wife of Dahih Biography

Who is the wife of Dahih Biography
Who is the wife of Dahih Biography

Who is Dahih’s wife? Biography; It is the nickname of Ahmed Al-Ghandour, who is considered a popular media and artistic figure in Egypt and the Arab world. He was able to attract thousands of audiences, because of the purposeful content that he presents, and his simplification of science and the way he presented information made his name shine on social networking sites, to become the leading trend on social networking sites after its appearance. . At his wedding, and as a result, we dedicated our next article on the Gulf platform to get to know Ahmed Al-Ghandour’s wife and Al-Dahiya’s wife, a biography, and we will also know Ahmed Al-Ghandour, nicknamed Al-Dahie, and ways to communicate with him through social media platforms.

The name of the victim’s wife is Reem Badr, and she is Egyptian. She also holds a diploma in history and mathematics, as well as a master’s degree in anthropology. It is worth noting that his wife is from outside the artistic community, and her name was recognized through one of the video clips that were circulated on social media.

In order to be able to get to know Ahmed Al-Ghandour’s wife, nicknamed Al-Dahiya, in more detail, we can review her biography through the following points:

Real name: Reem Badr.
Marital status: Married.
Husband’s name: Ahmed Al-Ghandour.
Religion and Belief: She embraces the Islamic religion.
Age: Not known exactly. He thinks she is in her twenties
Education: She holds a diploma in history and mathematics.
Nationality: She holds Egyptian nationality.
Current place of residence: the Arab state of Egypt.
Languages: Fluent in Arabic, Egyptian dialect.

Ahmed Al-Ghandour is a content creator and holds Egyptian citizenship. He created his own channel under the name Al-Dahiya, through which he publishes videos that talk about purposeful content at times, in addition to satirical comedy at times, which made him enjoy a large fan base in Egypt and neighboring Arab countries.

Clearer details about Ahmed Al-Ghandour, nicknamed Al-Dahhi, can be found by reading his biography, which was described as follows:

Full name: Ahmad Al-Ghandour.
Father’s name: Walid Muhammad Al-Ghandour.
And the title of fame also: the suburb.
Then the place of birth: the state of Egypt.
Date of birth: Born May 12, 1994 AD.
Age: twenty-nine years
Then the social status: married.
Dahi’s wife’s name: Reem Badr.
As for nationality: he holds Egyptian nationality.
Work: A famous Egyptian content creator and YouTuber.
As well as religion and belief: he embraces the Islamic religion.
Then the degree and educational attainment: a degree in biology.
Also, Alma Mater: Studied at the American University in Cairo’s College of Science.

Ahmed Al-Ghandour’s wedding took place on Thursday, May 11, 2023. The attendees shared a number of snapshots and some video clips from the ceremony, on social media platforms. And Ahmed Al-Ghandour appeared, in a video clip from the ceremony, dressed in black uniform, waving his hand to those present, holding the hand of Al-Dahi’s wife. One of his friends, who attended the ceremony, also posted a video clip on Al Dahi’s Instagram, in which he received many telegrams of congratulations and love from his followers.

And here we have come to the end of our article, through which we got to know Dahi’s wife. We also got acquainted with Ahmed Al-Ghandour, nicknamed Al-Dahi, with his biography. We shed light on Ahmed Al-Dahih’s wedding, in addition to his accounts on all social networking sites. Wishing the spouses well-being, children and a long life.