Massive destruction.. Hundreds evacuated after forest fires spread in this country

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The Spanish authorities announced that the emergency forces evacuated hundreds of residents after the spread of forest fires.

She explained that emergency crews evacuated about 600 villagers in western Spain from their homes, after an active fire destroyed about eight thousand hectares of forest.

It is difficult to control the fire

And the Spanish emergency services added that strong winds make it difficult to control the fire in the densely forested areas of Lasourdes and the Sierra de Gata in the Extremadura region.

In turn, the Civil Guard indicated that the authorities evacuated people from three villages, and closed three roads in the region.

260 firefighters and 165 soldiers are trying to put out the fire

The competent authorities said that about 260 firefighters and 165 soldiers are trying to put out the fire.

As firefighters supported by soldiers battled a forest fire in western Spain Friday, hundreds of people were forced to evacuate nearby villages, officials said.

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And the local authorities revealed that the fire that broke out two days ago near the village of Benofraqueado in the sparsely populated Extremadura region bordering Portugal, was set “intentionally”.

Burning 3,000 hectares of forests and bushes

The fire destroyed about 3,000 hectares of forest and shrubs, and forced about 700 people to evacuate their villages, according to the local government.

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The meteorologists expect that the weather conditions will remain dangerous, and that the winds will calm down on Sunday, amid the possibility of light rain in the region.

400 specialists supported by 14 firefighting aircraft

More than 400 specialists, supported by 14 firefighting aircraft, are making efforts to put out the flames, according to the local Ministry of Agriculture.

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This comes at a time when Spain is experiencing a drought after recording below-average rains for three consecutive years, and has been hit by a number of forest fires this year.

The drought was exacerbated by an unusually early heat wave at the end of April, which was accompanied by exceptionally high temperatures, usually recorded in the summer, in most parts of the country.