The trial of the grandson of the founder of the Brotherhood… a moral downfall supported by the support of the elements of the terrorist group

The trial of the grandson of the founder of the Brotherhood… a moral downfall supported by the support of the elements of the terrorist group
The trial of the grandson of the founder of the Brotherhood… a moral downfall supported by the support of the elements of the terrorist group

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The Swiss preacher Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of the first guide and founder of the terrorist Brotherhood, Hassan al-Banna, is awaiting the verdict in his case before the Swiss judiciary on charges of “rape and sexual coercion”, on May 24, after his judicial tour lasted for the past three days, knowing that the accused has the right to To appeal it later, as the prosecution demanded that “Ramadan” be punished with 18 months in prison, while the defendant’s defense demanded innocence.
“Ramadan,” who defended himself by saying that he was facing “lies and manipulation,” denying that he had committed these crimes, was arrested by the French security authorities for 10 months in connection with the rape of two women between 2009 and 2012, including a “weak” woman with special needs.
Thus, “Ramadan”, who is prohibited from leaving French territory until investigations into rape cases are completed, moved with judicial permission to appear before a court in Geneva, last Monday, for a period of three days, to be tried in a case of “rape and sexual coercion”, so that the leader of the terrorist group in Europe fell before him. The immoral issues that are currently haunting him in Switzerland and France have made the crimes of the terrorist group more visible and exposed to everyone.

Activity on social networking sites
In the midst of accusations related to immoral stories chasing Tariq Ramadan, the latter is still active on social media to attract more comments from his supporters and members of his terrorist group who praise him after publishing small clips of his trial, to give a false image that supports the hypothesis that he is facing accusations based on lies. .
It is not surprising to see the comments of his supporters, such as describing him as a “fruitful tree that throws stones,” describing him as “courageous,” and another comment asking him to put an end to “their nonsense, lies, and sedition at every opportunity, with solid arguments and evidence that made them arm themselves with all this hatred towards you, and demand your head.” Whatever it takes, so they tried in every possible evil way to silence you but they couldn’t.”

The trial of the “Brotherhood”
from his side; Tunisian writer Nizar al-Jilidi, who resides in France, said that the trial of “Ramadan” is the same in France or Switzerland, as the man faces very heavy penalties, up to two to 10 years in prison if he is convicted.
Al-Jilidi added, in exclusive statements to Al-Bawaba News, that the trial of Tariq Ramadan deserves to be a headline for condemning an entire generation of the Brotherhood and political Islam groups who descended on Europe at a certain period with political inspiration, but now in Europe we are witnessing a major coup in dealings. with these groups.
Al-Jilidi said that Europe has changed its policy with the Brotherhood in the last decade, or at least the last five years, and the issue of “Ramadan” can be considered one of the indications of this change, as if Europe is heading towards a new equation and another way of dealing with the Brotherhood.
Al-Jalidi pointed out that the trial is accompanied by a great media uproar, and that Europe has real concern about the Brotherhood, and the evidence for this is that there are several canceled or postponed conferences of the group abroad.
In conclusion, the trial of “Ramadan” and the changes brought about by the recent Turkish elections indicate that we are in the midst of events that are the title of the trial of the entire Brotherhood.
Al-Jalidi linked the selection of an American magazine to Tariq Ramadan as one of the innovative thinkers, and the seriousness of France and Switzerland in dealing with Ramadan issues.
That is why Al-Jalidi believes that the rules of the European political game change with the terrorist Brotherhood, after European countries became concerned about it, and after pressure from Arab countries to prosecute Brotherhood figures who fled abroad, especially since these figures play a political game and do not respect the traditions and values ​​of the countries residing in them. .
In his speech, Al-Jilidi explained the role of “Ramadan” in exploiting the religious issue to practice personal whims, and the role of France, which detained him for 10 months, in punishing him after he practiced the falsity of political Islam groups on his listeners. He explained that the method of “Ramadan”, who claims that his cases are such as “lies and manipulation”, is similar to the method of his terrorist group in playing the role of the victim, especially when he accuses it of carrying out assassinations or acts of violence and terrorism or promoting hate speech.

Trial proceedings
In the trial session, which began last Monday, “Ramadan” indicated that he suffers from depression, and that he will not give in to what he described as “lies and manipulation.”
And quoting a report by “France 24”, “It is expected that the trial will be tense. In evidence of the tension that has taken place, there is a buffer separating the accused and the plaintiff at the request of the latter.”
The report indicated that the Swiss plaintiff, who says she lives under threat and uses the pseudonym “Brigitte”, was approximately forty years old when the supposed facts occurred about 15 years ago.
She asserts that Ramadan subjected her to brutal sexual acts, accompanied by beatings and insults, on the evening of October 28, 2008, in a hotel room in Geneva. Sixty-year-old Tariq Ramadan, who may face trial for similar incidents in France as well, admitted that he met the plaintiff, but confirmed during the investigation that he had given up the idea of ​​having a sexual relationship with her.

Unethical practices in France
Farid Lakhnesh, a researcher on extremism and terrorism, said that the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood faces five rape cases in France and Switzerland, the most prominent of which is the charge of rape of a girl with special needs. And hatred and fear of Islam, claiming that he is being subjected to racism by the French judiciary, and the newspaper added that his victims and their lawyers received regular threats and were subjected to insults and slander from relatives and supporters of Tariq Ramadan.
“Lakhnesh” added, in a report published by the European Center for Counter-Terrorism Studies, that the Brotherhood’s career, Tariq Ramadan, was complete with his immoral behavior and contrary to Islamic values ​​related to illegal sexual relations, and what proves this is the assertions of “Eric Moran”, the lawyer of one of his victims on October 20, 2020. , that the investigations showed the extent of the credibility of the victim’s statements, which insisted on providing compelling evidence proving the truth of her accusations, which is a garment that examinations showed traces of Ramadan on it, and for reference, the victim filed a complaint against him in 2018 and accused him of raping her 9 times from 2013 to 2014. On these charges in France, and according to the “Lakhnesh” report, Ramadan, who is called an “Islamic thinker”, confirmed that his denial in the past about not practicing these actions was an attempt by him to protect himself, as he said, “I ask that God forgive me, as well as my family, who were frustrated towards me.” From the Muslim community because of my actions.” And what can be said is that the man of faith and contemporary Islamic thinker Tariq Ramadan offended the image of Islam and Muslims in France and Europe in general with these actions, especially with regard to the issue of the girl with special needs.