Death misses “Abu Zamat”, the icon of goodness in Sheikh Zuwayed and the author of the saying, “We learned from our armed forces that the land is more precious than gold” (photos)

Today, Friday, one of the most important national symbols and an icon of goodness and giving, Hajj Abdel Latif Abu Zamat, passed away at the age of 55, and he is from the Sawarka tribe in the village of Al-Duhair, south of Sheikh Zuweid in North Sinai, and his body was buried in his family’s graves in the village of Al-Duhair.

Sorrow prevailed throughout North Sinai, especially the areas of Sheikh Zuweid and Rafah, following the death of Abu Zammat, due to his popular status among the villages south of Sheikh Zuweid and Rafah, due to his activities in the field of charity and support of the people in meeting their demands through appeals to officials through his personal page on social networking sites and responding to them.

Abdul Latif Abu Zammat is considered the owner of the most famous name that was mentioned nearly a year ago on the social networking site Facebook for a simple person from the people of the earth in Sheikh Zuwayed who, with his intelligence and pure and sound instinct, was able to use his ornate style as a soft power in highlighting the needs and requirements of his village located south of Sheikh Zuweid .. a village Al-Dhahir whose people withstood while he was with them sipping drops of water to quench the thirst of the lean years from its wells, until he drew the attention of the concerned authorities from the executive and civil authorities of that forgotten village.

Thanks to what his hands offered, the march of goodness and reconstruction began, and the governor of North Sinai visited the village to feel the pain of that village, which Abd al-Latif had previously diagnosed with skill and sophistication.

The owner of the white hands did not remain silent about these efforts, but continued to receive the popular, tribal and executive leaders and to publish pictures of their visits to the village on his page to motivate others to visit the Dahir and extend the hand of services from civil associations and others until that village became daily news on social media.

Thanks to him and the separation of his ingenuity in speaking and follow-up, he was able to achieve one of the most important demands of the people of the village of Al-Duhair, which is the establishment of a drinking water station.

The late Abd al-Latif, who is considered an icon of goodness and public service in the village of al-Duhair, was credited with achieving many diverse goals through several voluntary initiatives in the field of beautifying the entrance to the village and urging the people to build and develop their villages and cultivate their lands because there is no way to stability without developing the land, as he used to say.


The late Ata Abdel-Latif Abu Zamat did not stop at his village only, but rather called and demanded the achievement of the goal of the return of the movables to their villages, and he wrote on his page recently: (The return of the movables is the basis of development and reconstruction, the villages of Rafah and the villages south of Sheikh Zuweid, green Sinai in the hands of its residents).

Abu Zamat was directing the returnees to their villages to cultivate the land and green it, and among his famous sayings, “We learned from our armed forces (the Heroes Factory) that the land is more precious than gold.

All the tribes and families of North Sinai mourned the late Abdul Latif Abu Zamat, and social media witnessed hundreds of telegrams and messages of loss, condolences, and special words of lamentation from his family, loved ones, friends, and acquaintances.