The fall of a gang formation accused of drug trafficking in Aswan – Incidents

The investigation authorities decided to imprison the accused in the case of drug trafficking in Aswan for a period of 4 days pending investigations, and also ordered the seizures to be sent to the chemical laboratory for analysis, and to provide the prosecution with technical reports, and demanded that the investigations quickly conduct investigations about the incident.

Investigations revealed that the gang consisted of 4 people residing in the Kom Ombo and Edfu regions of Aswan Governorate, three of whom had criminal information, specializing their criminal activity in drug trafficking and promotion in order to achieve financial profit.

Investigations confirmed that the defendants confessed to possessing 11.5 kilos of drugs, an automatic rifle, 3 shotguns, a number of bullets of various calibers, an amount of money, and 3 mobile phones.

Arrest the accused

This came after information and investigations of the Aswan Security Directorate confirmed that 4 people formed a gang whose criminal activity specialized in drug trafficking and promotion within the Kom Ombo and Edfu police stations.

After legalizing the procedures, the accused were targeted, and the security services were able to apprehend them. Legal measures were taken.

Legal punishment: up to death

Regarding the expected punishment for those accused of drug trafficking in Aswan, lawyer Ahmed Ali explained that Article 33 of the Penal Code punishes anyone who traffics in narcotic substances, starting from 3 years and up to life or death in some cases, and a fine of 100,000 pounds, not exceeding 500 thousand pounds, in the event that drugs, or anything related to them from agricultural crops, were exported or imported.

In statements to Al-Watan, he added that the Penal Code stipulates in Article 34 that the penalty for trafficking in narcotic substances within society reaches life imprisonment and death, depending on the facts of the case, and whether or not there are aggravating circumstances for the penalty.