Jaber Al-Qarmouti celebrates the fact that 12 journalists from “The Seventh Day” won the Journalists Syndicate awards in “Manshet”

Ibrahim Hassan

Saturday, May 20, 2023 02:05 AM

Journalist Jaber Al-Qarmouti celebrated the awards of the Journalists Syndicate for 12 journalists from Al-Youm Al-Sabea newspaper, and the honored colleagues from the Syndicate met with the “Manshet” program broadcast on CBC.

Journalist and writer Akram Al-Qassas, editor-in-chief of “Youm Al-Sabea”, expressed that his children from Al-Youm Al-Sabaa won the awards, saying: “They have the determination to keep Kabab, and although Al-Youm Al-Sabaa is the first website, we are winning prizes for the printed version. Congratulations to the youth and I am happy with them.”

Colleague Muhammad Tharwat said: “I won the Journalists Syndicate award for obtaining a doctorate, and this doctorate is my second, and it is something I am proud of.”

And colleague Ahmed Yaqoub said: “This award makes me very happy, because it came in a non-specialization, as it was in the human story and I work as head of the economics department.”

Colleague Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Sharif, Head of the Culture Department, said: “Honoring a PhD is something I am very proud of,” while Colleague Wael Al-Samri, Executive Editor-in-Chief, said: “I won the Cultural Journalism Award.”

Colleague Nahir Abdel Nabi said, “We won 3 awards in video journalism, and I won first place for the movie A Farida Family.” Colleague Kholoud Refaat said, “I love the field of video for which I won the Journalists Syndicate award, and we were able to show the story in a positive way.” inside orphanages.

Colleague Hajar Al-Subairi said: “I got second place for the story of Professor Loza, which is a story about a Sa’idi woman from Beni Suef. I carried out photography, preparation and editing, and I have been working on the seventh day since I was a university student.”

Colleague Ahmed Arafa said: “I won the Muhammad Issa Al-Sharqawi Award, and honoring me with this award is an honor for me.” While colleague Menna Allah Hamdi said: “I got an award in the video, about the story of a girl who always challenges companions and struggles in life, and it is an honor for us on the seventh day to We got the first video award from the Syndicate of Journalists.. We are in control of all awards.

Colleague Ahmed Gamal El-Din said: “I won an award from the Journalists Syndicate. It is not the first for me. I have already won many awards from the Syndicate. We are always accustomed that the seventh day is in honors and prizes.”

The Journalists Syndicate honored 12 colleagues from the “Youm Seven” Foundation at the award ceremony for the Egyptian Press Competition for the year 2022, which was held in the evening at the Syndicate Theater, in the presence of the journalist writer Akram Al-Qassas, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Editorial Board of the Seventh Day.

We said we will build and we built the seventh day

The newspaper “The Seventh Day” had achieved a new success added to the balance of its successive successes, after its editors won four awards and certificates of appreciation in the Egyptian Press Awards of the Journalists Syndicate.

In the Cultural Journalism Award, the arbitration committee decided to award the second prize equally between two colleagues, Wael Al-Samry, for the topic “The Resurrection of an Unknown Dictionary” in Al-Youm Al-Sabea Newspaper, and colleague Salah Al-Baily for my topic:

1- Dialogue with the great critic d. Mohammed Abdul Muttalib.

2- An interview with Shawky Hijab, Al-Ahram Newspaper – Al-Ahram Foundation.

In video journalism, the jury decided to award the first prize to a joint work between colleague Nahir Abdel Nabi and colleague Kholoud Rifaat, for a video entitled “A Unique Family”, the website of the seventh day.

The arbitration committee decided to award the second prize to colleague Hajar Al-Sayed – for a video titled “From the Six to Professor Loza, who erased her illiteracy and reached the master’s degree.” It awarded colleague Rahma Khalifa a certificate of appreciation, Youm7 website.

The jury also decided to award a certificate of appreciation to colleague Menna Allah Hamdy and colleague Saber Saeed, for a video entitled “Sabriya defies the difficulties of fatigue with the laughter of Reda,” the website of the seventh day.

In the Mohamed Issa El-Sharkawy Award for External Coverage, the jury decided to award the second prize to colleague Ahmed Arafa, on the topic “The Road to the Future of Tunisia”, Youm7 newspaper.

In the Journalistic Investigation Award, the jury decided to award a certificate of appreciation to colleague Ahmed Gamal El-Din on the topic “Corona Reports Business .. The Seventh Day follows brokers in hospitals who sell reports of Corona virus infection and a different price for each case.” And in the Sabri Ghoneim Award in the Human Story, the jury decided to award Certificate of Appreciation for Colleague Ahmed Yaqoub, on the topic “7 Messages from the Highest Mountains of Lebanon.” The work was published in the Seventh Day newspaper.

Fellows with a doctorate degree were also honored: journalist writer Dr. Mohamed Tharwat on the occasion of obtaining a doctorate for the second time, colleague Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Sharif, head of the Department of Culture, and colleague Dr. Nourhan Fathy.