After Google Trend is issued.. Who is the Syrian artist Bassem Yakhour?

After Google Trend is issued.. Who is the Syrian artist Bassem Yakhour?
After Google Trend is issued.. Who is the Syrian artist Bassem Yakhour?

The name of the Syrian artist, Basem Yakhour, topped social networking sites during the past hours.

This came after Bassem Yakhour responded in anger to news of his being attacked, which was circulated, during the past hours, on some pages interested in celebrity news, and published a denial of this news, expressing his anger.

Who is Bassem Yakhour?

Basem Yakhour, born on August 16, 1971, is a Syrian actor. His father is journalist Ibrahim Yakhour, who worked in the field of acting for a period of his life.

He graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in 1993 and was in the same class as Shukran Murtaja, Muhannad Qutaish, and Farah Bseiso. He joined the Syrian Artists Syndicate on February 16, 1999.

The beginning of his artistic career was in the series (Al-Thoraya) in 1994, then he played roles in a large number of television works, and he presented more than 130 series that varied between dramatic and historical works. He also participated in several Egyptian series, including Zahra and her five husbands, Al-Marafaa.

He participated in a number of films, including: Tuesday 12 (2021), The Last Manifestation of Ghaylan Al-Dimashqi (2008), Naama Bay (2007), Meeting of Hearts (1996). He directed the play The Exploding Man in 2000, which is Bassem Yakhour’s first directorial experience in the theater. He also directed the series Homey Hon in 2004 and was a guest in many of its episodes.

In 2001, he presented the program “Laylat Anas” with Rima Maktabi on Future TV. In 2011, he presented the “Prince of Poets” program on the Abu Dhabi satellite station. Critics confirmed that his presence gave the program vitality and a new spirit.

In 2010, he presented the “Masaakum Bassem” program on Syrian Arab TV, and the program met with unparalleled success in terms of viewership and participation, due to the spontaneous and fun way in which Bassem Yakhour conducted dialogues and meetings.

In 2007, the Syrian star Bassem Yakhour participated in the starring of his first Egyptian movie entitled (Naama Bay), written by Ahmed Al-Bayh and directed by Majdi Al-Hawari. Bassem Yakhour in the movie (Naama Bay) was very well received by the Egyptian audience, and the critics unanimously agreed that his unique talent and overwhelming presence He greatly contributed to the success of the film.

In November 2015, Bassem participated in the Celebrity Duets program (the fourth season) on the Lebanese MTV screen in support of a charitable organization, but he was eliminated in the sixth prime because he received the lowest percentage of votes.

In 2019, he presented the program “We ate it”, which was shown on the Lana channel. The idea of ​​the program is based on receiving an actor, asking him embarrassing questions, and giving him the choice between answering or tasting an unpalatable dish previously prepared by Chef Antoine Hajj.