A difficult victory for “Al-Awda” over Al-Karmel and Al-Taawon bypasses Deir Alla

Ghazi al-Qasas
The return team achieved the night before last a difficult victory over its guest, Al-Karmel, with a score of 3-2, matches 25-22, 23-25, 22-25, 28-26, 18-16, in a match that took place in Prince Muhammad City Hall, and the Al-Taawon team defeated its counterpart Deir Alla without trouble with a score 3-0, rounds, 25-7, 25-22, and 25-9 at the end of the matches of the first round of the Volleyball League for Premier League clubs for the 2023 season, which took place in the Sports Palace Hall in Al-Hussein Youth City. And the balance of the teams became at the end of the first round of the league, according to the following: Al-Wehdat, Shabab Al-Hussein and Al-Ta’awun, each with three points, Al-Awda has two points, Al-Carmel one point, Aira, Al-Mahatta and Deir Ala without points.
The matches of the second round will be held in the Palace of Sports Hall according to the following, tomorrow, Sunday: Deir Alla will meet with Al-Karmel at six in the evening, and Shabab Al-Hussein with Al-Mahatta at eight in the evening. The day after tomorrow, Monday: Al-Wehdat will meet with Eira at six in the evening, and Al-Taawon with Al-Awda at eight in the evening.
Back (3) Carmel (2)
The Al-Awda team came back from two games to one half, to a 3-2 victory, in a marathon, equal-level match that lasted (148) minutes. The total return points were 116 compared to 114 for Carmel, and the match witnessed technical moments from the players of the two teams, so that the host Al-Awda got Two points out of three for the match, and Carmel gets the third point.
On the technical side, the two teams exchanged attacks that were taking place in conjunction with camouflage movements on the blocking walls, to keep them away from the strikers’ positions along the front of the net, while making sure to receive the first ball and direct it towards the ball distributor, to supply the strikers with it, so that they violently ram it towards the opposing team’s court with a goal Collect points to help accomplish the winning mission.
Al-Awda started the first half, which he placed in his current account, with a score of 25-22, with a squad that included the players: ball distributor Ibrahim Al-Rifai, Brazilian strikers Badro, Muhammad Malkawi, Abdullah Sinan, Osama Khreis, Ziyad Zabadiyeh, and free defender Fadi Khreis.
And Karmel started the first half with a squad that included: ball distributor Fares Al-Kurdi, strikers Obada Fakhri, Muhammad Al-Bakhit, Khaled Hilal, Yassin Al-Marajneh, Muhammad Saleh, and free defender Ahmed Saqr, and the team’s performance improved in the second half to win it with a score of 25-23, followed by the third half with a score 25-23, and Al-Awda equalized by winning the fourth game, in which the competition became heated and excited, with a score of 28-26, forcing a tiebreaker that ended in his favor with a score of 18-16.
The meeting was moderated by the referees: Omar Ashour, Tajuddin Al-Wedyan, Muhammad Al-Zeyoudi, Amjad Al-Masafah, Majd Al-Saleem, technical observer Walid Al-Najjar, and administrative observer Shaher Al-Qurah.
Al Taawun (3) Deir Alla (0)
The Al-Taawon team achieved an easy victory over its counterpart, Deir Alla, which was expected, according to the abilities of the two teams that appeared during their respective matches in the Jordan Cup. From points 25-7, and followed it up with the second half, in which some substitutes participated 25-22, and ended the match by winning the third half 25-9, and the match with a score of 3-0.
Deir Alla’s performance improved in the second half, in which it scored 22 points, but the level difference with its host remained large due to its limited capabilities, after its financial capabilities this season prevented it from attracting local players or a foreign professional.
The cooperation team started the match with a formation that included: ball distributor Muhannad Dudin, Abdullah Yahya, Wissam Al-Khatib, Khaled Abu Al-Rub, Samer Al-Zamar, Mahmoud Abdulaziz, and the free defender Moayad Al-Gharouz, while the Deir Ala team included the players: Mamoun Al-Samael, Al-Harith Al-Salahat, ball distributor Aws Al-Salahat, Muhammad Al-Shatti, Yazan Al-Diyat, Ahmed Al-Naeem, Saleh Muhammad and Abdul Rahman Suleiman.
The meeting was moderated by the referees: Osama Al-Adaileh, Faisal Al-Habashneh, Dirar Hwimel, Ashraf Al-Diyat, and Fahd Al-Qarala, the technical observer Manal Taha, and the administrative observer Hassan Al-Masry.

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